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Best Free IM – Skype Review for Windows 7

Skype is a freeware communication application based on VOIP(voice over internet protocol) service. Using skype, you can communicate with anyone in this world by voice, instant messaging and video. You can call anyone through skype on internet as well as on traditional phones. Skype to skype calling is totally free where as call to telephone may cost you a very little amount. You can easily install this application but before you start calling, you need to make an account with username and password.

What is new in this Version?

  • Added new features like sign in with Facebook account, link Facebook account to skype account.
  • Minor improvements.
  • Added beta support for instant messaging and facebook integration.
  • Updated visual design and improved telemetry.

1. Audio Calling

Skype to skype calling is completely free anywhere in the world. You can even talk to multiple people or do conference calls for no cost on skype. Even if your family and friends are not on skype, you can call on their mobile or landline numbers at very low rates. You can also have an online number so that anyone can call you where ever you are and you answer those calls through skype. When you are not available, people can leave their message on voicemail which is already included in online number. You can also forward or divert your skype calls to any phone. This application also has the provision of skype to go numbers which means that you can call any international number from any phone with skype’s cheap rates without even having an internet connection.

2. Video Calling

Along with the voice calls, you can also do video calling from your computer, mobiles or latest generation televisions and that too completely free. You can add people and do group video calling with your friends. This feature is great for business as well as education purpose. People from all over the world can do video talks at a single platform for a great purpose or for fun. You can share screen, send files, show pictures and presentations etc.

3. Messaging

Send text messages to your family and friends from skype at cheap rates. You can also chat using skype IM for instant messaging with one or many people from your mobile or computer for free. With instant messaging, you can send files, photos and presentations.

4. Connect with Facebook

Skype and facebook have joined hands to make your social networking experience even more wonderful. You can connect with all your facebook friends through skype. You can make video calls, voice calls and send instant messages to all your friends directly from skype at no cost. You can also see your facebook wall directly in skype and do the updates or put the comments etc.

5. Skype Connect and Manager

Skype Manager is an application which helps you to centrally manage skype for business like you can create skype accounts for your people, allocate them credit , assign features and keep the track of their activity on skype. Skype connect is another tool which helps you to maintain connectivity between your business and skype community. It helps you to save a lot of cost in your business.

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