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Spybot RegAlyzer Free Registry Edit Tool Review for Windows 7

RegAlyzer is a freeware tool for browsing and modifying registry easily. It has a clean and to the point interface with all the required features to serve its purpose. It is easier to install and use. Once you put this application on work, it will automatically read the registry and display the list of registry entries. It will give you the detailed information of data like security information, info database and change logs. This application includes a help manual to guide you through the program features. RegAlyzer is available in multiple languages and is yet to complete certain features. But otherwise, it does what it says. Its main window has been created to be same to the original regedit registry analyzer with certain additions for ease of use.

What is new in this Version?

  • Undo and Redo logs have been added in .reg format.
  • Improvement in features and small bug fixes.

1. Search Function

Search function allows you to browse through registry search list. You can go to search function from Edit menu by selecting search or the shortcut is “Ctrl+F” where you will find number of options as shown in screenshot below. You have to select from three type of searches which are simple substring search, wildcard search and boolean search. In “Search for” field option, you have to enter the text that you are looking for. Then in “Search focus” select whether to search in registry keys, values, data etc. Then comes “Data types” where you can search for specific type of data like numeric or text. “Search range” will determine the range of scanning i.e. whether to scan a selected key or whole registry. You also have miscellaneous options for ignoring the case or high speed search. You can also search by date or results.

2. Hierarchical Bookmark Support and Jumps

With RegAlyzer, you can manage your bookmarks in the folders. Simply select “Bookmarks” from menu to go to bookmarked registry key. To add a specific key to your bookmarks, select “add to bookmarks” by right clicking on the main window and write the key. You can jump or move to specific address by pasting the address into the address field in the “Edit” option as well as through command line parameter.

3. Binary DWord Edit

RegAlyzer allows you to edit Dwords and display them in decimal, hexadecimal and binary format. Word refers to natural unit of data. Dword is double word and is twice the size of a word typically 32-bit.

4. Display of Reg Files

RegAlyzer can display the content of reg files in tree structure without importing it first. Reg files are registry files which are like database in which an operating system stores most of its settings like how the operating system starts or how the taskbar works etc.

5. Support of QWords

Qword is quadword i.e. 64-bit integer values. RegAlyzer has support of Qwords, earlier the original regedit could also edit these values but could not add new ones. Now this RegAlyzer can add new Qwords along with editing them.