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Top 5 Best Free Windows Password Recovery Tools

Window users who are not tech savvy fail to recover (or crack) their password once they forget it. One can get out of this situation without doing things like reformatting and re-installing the OS. Windows password recovery tool is basically a software which cracks the password. The term ‘crack’ is used in relevance with hackers who use these software to crack the windows log in passwords but at heart these software are used to recover lost passwords. Here is a list of 5 freeware software programs that will help you recover your forgotten windows password.

1. Ophcrack

Ophcrack is the easiest and the best windows password recovery software which provides most successful and one of the fastest password recovery options. To use this program, you simply has to visit the site and download the free ISO image, then burn it to a CD and boot from the CD. It will automatically start and then locate the window user accounts and finally proceeds to recover the passwords. For the users who don’t have separate windows user account, this software comes as a boot-able disc image for them.

2. Offline NT password and Registry Editor

The Offline NT Password & Registry Editor password cracker software is one of the quickest free Windows password recovery tool. This software requires no knowledge of previous password and is open source. User will have to burn a CD and choose a few options in a menu. Then one can hack into the computer with this free software. Delete the password in no time by downloading the free ISO file and then burn it to a CD. After that, user will be able to access Windows without a password at all or can set a new password

3. PC Login Now

The PC Login Now password cracker is very fast and free windows password cracking tool. Like ophcrack password recovery tool, PC Login Now doesn’t exactly recover your password but deletes your password, allowing access to Windows without a password at all. PC Login is comparatively easier to use though it works more or less like Offline NT password and registry editor.

4. John The Ripper

John the Ripper is again a very fast and popular free password recovery tool that can be used to find Windows account passwords.The application uses both paid and free word list files which it requires to operate.

5. Cain & Able

Cain & Abel is a fast, free and effective Windows password recovery utility. Cain & Abel requires administrator account access to Windows. It can’t hack without account.

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  • Simon February 18, 2013, 12:44 pm

    I can say that in my experience the Offline NT Password & Registry Editor works very well. Ophcrack didn’t load up properly for me even though I got the start-up screen and followed instructions. I have a brand new laptop (2013) with Windows 7 premium 64 bit.

    With Offline you crack into Windows and have a lot of complex code to sort through. Fortunately, the program has the suggested options numbered for you at every turn and you can usually just follow this. However, sometimes the suggested option didn’t work and I had to start again. It didn’t matter though, as after five or six attempts I successfully erased my password. The main problem was not running from the boot partition but instead running from the main disk partition.

    Once all the options had been selected the program got me into my computer very quickly.

  • Ubeer October 6, 2013, 8:29 pm

    I did use Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0 to help me recover lost HP Pavilion Windows 7 laptop password easily.

    It works for me every time and has become an invaluable tool in my toolbox.

  • cheeryking December 16, 2013, 5:52 pm

    The best Windows password recovery tool I have ever used is Windows Password Key.

  • Lilly Oliver April 12, 2016, 1:02 am

    I need a sure fire way to get into my little brothers HP 19-2113w all in one pc he has it password protected and he died he was only 36 years old I need to get into his computer and find out anything I can to understand his state of mind if anyone out there can give me some safe pointers on getting logged on to his computer which is now mine without losing his info I would really find some comfort in knowing where his mind was at!!! Plz someone help me figure this out!! I need to find out what I can I miss him more then words can express!! Thanks!