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Top 5 Best Free Windows Virtual Desktop Software

Many people have become accustomed to multitasking and doing it on the computer can be quite challenging if you have a lot of several programs open and not enough screen space to accommodate all of them. Fortunately, the emergence of virtual desktops has changed all that. With virtual desktops, you now have the capability to create multiple versions of your desktop where you can run different programs and switch easily among them. For your convenience, we have reviewed and prepared a list of FREE Top 7 Windows Virtual Desktop Software.

1. Dexpot

A Free virtual desktop software for windows that allow up to 20 possible desktops with a well-organized interface that will make switching among desktops easier and hassle-free. You can configure each virtual desktop according to your need, such as web surfing and email on desktop 1, office programs on #2 and so on.

2. GiMeSpace Free Edition

A small and simple virtual desktop manager for Windows XP or later versions that will allow you to expand your desktop without limits and add more monitors to your computer. It is a simple and effective way to create the desktop space you need.

3. Virtual Dimension

Another free virtual Desktop manager with a more minimalist and straightforward approach. It is easy to install, configure and use with a simple and user-friendly interface.

4. 360Desktop

360desktop will give you an unlimited desktop space and transforms your standard windows desktop into a 360-degree panoramic workspace. It also has a windows taskbar icon that provides a context menu for customizing options. You also get an attractive desktop with custom widgets.

5. VirtuaWin

VirtuaWin is another Windows virtual desktop manager that is free to use and has a simple interface; it provides several customizations for navigation, organization and various workarounds;