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Panda Cloud Free Antivirus Review for Windows 7

Panda Cloud Antivirus is a free antivirus solution by Panda Security which detects viruses, trojans, spyware, worms, hacking tools, dialers and other malware. This antivirus is a light-weight and easy to use program which uses minimal system resources. The technology it uses is cloud-based and Panda’s collective intelligence. Its interface is intuitive and its installation is easy. Users just need to pay attention while installing this software as it is an ad-supported application which will try to change your homepage for web browsers or the toolbar etc. This antivirus is fast, efficient and impressive with maximum detection rate.

What is new in this Version?

  • New cloud-based disinfection engine and behavioral analysis engine.
  • Advanced configuration options and new interface.
  • Performance improvements and 50% better scans.
  • Improved offline protection.

1. Fast and Real Time Protection Against Viruses and Other Malware

Panda Cloud Antivirus will always guard and protect you against virus, spyware or any other malware well within or before time. Real time protection against malware means detecting the potential malware or virus before time i.e before they enter into your system and become problem. This antivirus solution detects the threats at very early stage with its enhanced behavioral analysis engine and generates alerts which notify you when any of the malicious software, virus or spyware try to hit your computer or try to get itself installed in your system. Once suspicious files or programs get detected, it prevents such software from opening into your PC. So you can safely access web with this kind of protection.

2. Cloud Technology Based

Cloud-based technology let it scans files on a remote server without using processing power of your computer. Panda’s Cloud technology is a reputed service which allow this application to make more intelligent decisions and Streaming updates that allow Panda cloud antivirus to always stay up-to-date against latest threats. Under Cloud Services, it uses cloud based ‘Behavior Analysis’ and cloud based ‘Disinfection Engine’. Cloud keeps all the information up to date, so you can completely rely on this technology.

3. Fastest With Panda’s Collective Intelligence

This antivirus application has one of the highest detection capacity due to Panda’s Collective Intelligence Servers. These Collective Intelligence servers detects and prevent viruses automatically in very less time, may be in fractions and that to without generating annoying notifications all the time.

4. Scanning

Scanning process with this antivirus solution is quite simple and quick. Multiple scan options are given in this program which can be run at any time, you can even run a pre-defined scan or create a custom scan. There is optimized scan, full scan and scan for other items option. Optimized scan rapidly checks the areas malware is most likely to infect, including programs running in memory, system files, and the registry. This optimized scan scans your system volume and operating memory quickly . Full system scan performs slow in-depth scan and checks all files on the PC, the registry, and all currently running programs. Then there is scan for other items which is a custom scan which will allow you to select the areas that you want to scan and will do the same for you.

5. Detects More than Anyone Else and is Easiest to Use

This application can detect the maximum number of virus or other malware because it relies on Panda servers for its detection process. Now these servers have a huge database of millions of viruses due to which Panda Cloud Antivirus can detect more than anyone else. Once installed, it detects and prevents in fraction of seconds without any effort, so it is easiest to use.