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Top 5 Best Free Clipboard Manager For Windows

Clipboard Manager is a software program which adds features or functionality to default clipboard of an operating system. A clipboard basically copies the data from the host application, so that it can be pasted anywhere in the computer after closing that application. Now clipboard manager basically stores data which is copied to clipboard. It stores several clips and makes them available from the history whereas the basic clipboard generally deletes the previous clip when a new clip is added. So a clipboard manager allows user to keep multiple clips in the clipboard by enhancing it basic functionality like cut, copy and paste operation; searching for saved data, tagging the clips, storing clips for long-term. Clipboard manager can store data objects, formatted text, URL’s and media content. It increases speed and efficiency of a clipboard which further increases the productivity. Here is a list of five best free software in this category.

1. Spartan Lite Multi Clipboard

Spartan Lite Multi Clipboard is a multi functioning enhanced clipboard for windows. It is a freeware program which can do much more than just copy and paste for you. For example, it can send emails, fill forms, run programs, save addresses, save screen shots, dial telephone numbers, to do lists and bookmark websites etc. It has capacity to store 500 permanent clips. It is easier to find clips or data in this clipboard manager as you can arrange things by color or by position which can then be sorted. Recently saved clips are nicely stored in spreadsheet style. It has a self explanatory and simple interface with a help guide which makes it easier to use.

2. Clipboard Magic

Clipboard Magic is freeware clipboard enhancement software which stores all the copied text once it starts running in your computer. It sits in the system tray and you just have to run this application once, it will then automatically store the copied text while you are working normally at your computer. This clipboard manager greatly improves your productivity as it is loaded with features like text can be edited and added, text drag and drop, clip management and sorting, color coding, items can be back copied to windows clipboard, stores unlimited data, supports multiple language and much more. All in all, this is a customizable and intuitive program which increases your efficiency.

3. Free Clipboard Viewer

Free Clipboard Viewer is a freeware clipboard management program which simply lets you view whatever is there on your clipboard at any point of time and that too in different formats. An online help file for this program is available which helps in making the program easier to use. Free clipboard viewer is a simple program with a simple interface but a very helpful tool for those who frequently use clipboard.

4. M8 Free Multi Clipboard

M8 Free Multi Clipboard is a freeware clipboard manager which will do more than just copy and paste for you. It automatically stores almost everything you cut and paste from the host application once you set it to run in your windows. It is loaded with multiple features. For example, it can save any form of data like text, graphics, image etc; icon stays hidden in the taskbar; customizable keyboard shortcuts; clip management is easier with sorting; color coding and many more. This program has capacity to keep 500 clips and helps a lot in increasing your productivity with its inbuilt features.

5. Pastebin Desktop

Pastebin Desktop is an online clipboard management utility which allows you to store all the copied text online, so that you can use it from anywhere. This application is a freeware which does copy and paste for you in social networking form. Once installed, it sits on system tray and is very easy to use. You need to register on pastebin for using this software.