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100 Best Freeware for Windows – Free eBook

100 Best Freeware for WindowsThere are total of 100 freeware listed in this eBook along with a brief description, download link, and review link about that freeware.

This free eBook contains the following 8 sections with total of 51 pages.

  1. Audio and Video Software – This contains audio/video recorders, editors, players, converters, etc.
  2. Image Editor and Viewer – This section has several high quality free image viewers, editors, converters, etc.
  3. Security Software – Several commercial grade free firewalls, anti-virus software, spyware removers, etc.
  4. Backup and Disk Utilities – Backup utilities, disk defragmenter, disk space analyzer, etc.
  5. System Utilities – This section has several extremely helpful system utilities like registry cleaners, system cleaners, system crash analyzers, etc.
  6. Internet – Instant messengers, browser related utilities, etc.
  7. Office Suite and Document Utilities – Several free alternatives to Microsoft office suite and other document related utilities
  8. Misc Utilities – This contains several high quality freeware that doesn’t belong in the above sections

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