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WinDirStat Free Disk Space Usage Analyzer Review for Windows 7

WinDirStat is a disk analyzing and clean up application. This program performs disk check or scan operation on your computer and colorfully displays the space occupied by files and folders in the hard drive. Once installed, it may take a few minutes to scan your selected folder or drive but then it will give you the details of the files that take up the maximum space under blue marking. The files that take up second highest space will be marked under red, third highest space under green and the rest under gray color. Now you can clean up your disk and save space which is being eaten up by unwanted files. It is loaded with features and has a simple interface. So this can be a wonderful free tool for thorough cleaning of your computer.

What is new in this Version?

  • Now WinDirStat is available in twelve languages.

1. Colorful Statistical Display

WinDirStat nicely displays the usage statistics of your computer disk in three different views. See the screenshot below which is displaying all the three views. It will read the whole directory once then present the statistics in Directory list view, Treemap view and Extension List view. You can view your files in any of the view and analyze. The Directory list resembles the tree view of Windows Explorer, Treemap view straight away shows the complete contents of the directory tree and the Extension list shows the statistics about the file types.

2. Coupling and Zooming

Coupling means dependency i.e. the degree to which programs are related to each other. Here it refers to the views which are nicely coupled to each other. For example if you select an item or a file in directory list, it will automatically get highlighted in treemap and vice versa. You can see the coupling of highlighted file in the screenshot. Zooming is the ability to zoom in and out a text document or an image. This application can zoom in and out the statistical view for easier analyzation.

3. Cleanup Actions and Usage Report

It has integrated cleanup actions like opening a file, showing its properties and deleting it. It has an option to empty recycle bin and and configure program settings like customizing cleanup process. It can create disk usage report and even have an option to email you.

4. ANSI and Unicode Support

Both ANSI and Unicode versions of this application are integrated in the launcher and correct version is automatically launched depending on the operating system. ANSI is usually a single byte encoding where as Unicode uses two bytes to represent a character.

5. Works with UNC Paths and Network Drives

UNC path is Universal/Uniform Naming Convention path which describes the location of a file, folder or directory. Network drives are the drives which are connected to a server in the network that is shared by many users. WinDirStat has ability to work with both UNC paths and network drives.

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