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Comodo System Cleaner Utility Review for Windows 7

Comodo System Cleaner Utility is a powerful freeware program which cleans up your computer with complete safety. Day to day work on your computer causes unwanted junk to build up in our system. These unwanted files are hard to find and delete. Slowly, when this junk increases, it causes system slow down or other problems. Comodo system cleaner easily finds out that junk and removes that without deleting or damaging any important functionality of your system. It has a friendly user interface and a help file is also included. This software is quite easy to use and doesn’t drop any unwanted browser or search file in your system while installation. This program scans at a faster speed and before it starts clean up process, it keeps the back up so that no important data gets loose accidentally.

What is new in this Version?

  1. New added features are Registry Monitoring and Force Delete.
  2. Improvements in clean speed which is now better and has best scan speed now.
  3. Active clean technology has been added and smart cleaning profiles are there for best cleaning experience.

1. Registry Cleaner

Windows registry is a storage location which maintains the database of information about computer configuration. Now when you use windows regularly, this database increases i.e registry keeps growing. With growing registry, unnecessary information and obsolete data gets stored and piled up which slowly becomes cluttered. Now, this leads to degradation of system performance. Your system gets slower and weaker with increasing registry. This also causes other unwanted software problems to the system. Registry cleaner removes all the unnecessary and corrupt registry entries from your system and leads to a healthier system. You have different options of cleaning in registry cleaner, you can select any one or all for better system performance.

2. Privacy Cleaner

Windows have tendency to save unwanted data while running for example, it saves unwanted cookies and visited webpages when you surf internet. This data not only hinders your privacy but also eats up space in your system. Privacy cleaner is a program which cleans up all your privacy traces from the system like internet history, cookies, temporary files and much more. There are multiple options in privacy cleaning feature like basic clean which is by default, if you want normal or aggressive cleaning, you can set whichever you want.

3. Disk Cleaner

Disk Cleaner is a utility that boosts up your computer speed by removing the unwanted junk from the system. It searches your PC hard disk for unnecessary files and then clean them up to make more disk space free like it will empty the recycle bin, removes windows temporary files, removes internet temporary files, removes downloaded program files, delete duplicate files and unnecessary archives etc. With Comodo System Utilities disk cleaner you can either quick clean i.e clean obsolete files from common folders or select full clean which cleans obsolete files from your computer.

4. Shredder and Autorun Manager

With Shredder, you can shred all your personal data in order to protect your privacy. Shredder has three options with which you can permanently remove selected files and folders or permanently remove all files and folders from a partition or permanently remove all files and folders from a disk. Then there is autorun manager which improves boot time by selecting which applications run at startup. Various services and drivers are included in this application.

5. Force Delete and Registry Monitoring

With force delete feature you can move and delete both locked files and locked registry entries boosting system performance and stability. Registry monitoring as the name says will monitor the registry i.e will get you instant scan results to registry entries.