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Online Armor Free Firewall Review for Windows 7

Online Armor is a security software that protects your PC from unwanted intruders like hackers, malicious programs etc. It helps you in protecting your online identity like banking and transactions, prevents your computer from sending data over internet and much more. This program is quite easy to install and use. Once you are done with installation process, you need to restart your computer in order to put its learning or exploration process to an end. This application doesn’t slow down your computer and is light on system resources. Its interface is clean and intuitive with all the options nicely displayed on the right side of the main window. Another good thing is that it doesn’t annoy you with too many pop-ups. All in all it is a powerful security software but some features are missing in the free version.

What is new in this Version?

  • Improvement in Installation time, Chrome and Sandbox compatibility.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Time consuming safety check wizard after installation has been removed.
  • Reduced the number of non required alerts when third party software is updated.

1. Firewall Security

A firewall is a first layer of protection or defense against viruses, trojans, worms and other type of malware. Since windows is one operating system which is quite volatile to such intruders despite of its own protection suites like inbuilt firewall and antivirus solution. So to protect your system from attackers, you need a wall around it that bounces back such intruders when it senses any. Online Armor gives you complete and silent firewall security which protects your computer from any intruder attack as well as prevents your private data from being stolen by outsiders.

2. Identity Protection and Safe Browsing

Identity protection has become a major issue as everybody is using computer for their important financial and professional works. Online Armor will protect your computer from various malicious sites that break into your identity and data and then misuse it. This program does it by allowing you to lock down your browsing sessions and giving you safe browsing experience.

3. Autoruns Manager

Autoruns Manager gives you the control over computer programs which are tend to run automatically when you run your computer. This optimizes your computer performance as well as prevent spyware to enter into your computer. If by chance some spyware enters your computer, Online Armor gives you the provision to remove it.

4. Keylogger Detection

Its anti-keylogger blocks the keylogger whenever it tries to activate in your system. Keylogging is a method of tracking or logging the keys that struck on the computer keyboard in order to gain access to user information. While a user is writing something, person will never be able to know that his actions are being monitored. Keylogger is a software used for keylogging operation. Online Armor has the ability to sense or detect the keylogger and prevent it.

5. E-mail Filter and Program Guard

E-mail Filter is a Mail Shield which monitors all your e-mail traffic. Active email protection is a very important component of any security program as it ensures you virus free inbox and communication. As most of the times, virus or any unwanted malware enters your system through an infected email, it is very important to keep this feature active for your computer protection. It checks your incoming email for any kind of spams, threats, virus or other phishing attacks and whenever suspects something wrong, it will alert you. Program guard provides you control of the programs, safe programs will be allowed to run but if the program is dangerous, alerts will be generated so that you can prevent them from running.