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Android Free App Backup & Restore Review

App Backup & Restore is a freeware application for app backup and restoration for android devices. Although there are many backup apps available in the market but it remains one of the best because it does exactly what it claims. You can either set up an auto save feature or you can select the backup file path for the apps to be saved. It can override the older version of an app when you install the new version and restore the new one. This application nicely restores the APK files which are not found on android market but on other app stores. Its installation is quick and it is easy to use. It keeps the backup of APK file only and not the settings or backup data of apps.

What is new in this Version?

  • Latest version show “Protected” apps and backup market links of those apps.
  • All un-archived apps can be selected now.
  • Even when the SD card is mounted, it re-tries for auto backup.
  • Now you can sort by type and save it in the similar manner.

1. Backup Apps to SD card and Restore from SD Card

You love an app and want to back it up in case of rooting your device or installing a new ROM or its no longer available in android market or may be due to several reasons. App Backup & Restore is the solution for this problem because it can backup the apps to your SD card so that you can access them whenever you want. Now, if you have changed your android device and you want to transfer your favorite apps or may be due to any other reason, you can restore these apps from SD card whenever you want.

2. Batch Backup and Restoration

This application supports batch backup and restore which is key to automated backup and restore. Batch backup is a process in which batch files are used. A batch file is a text file that contains commands that are executed whenever you run the file.

3. Multi Version Backup

App Backup & Restore has the ability to store multiple versions of an app. It means that you can store your favorite as well as the latest versions. You can specify to the application that how many versions of the app you want to store like you want to store 10 versions, it will store the 10 latest versions that you installed or you can even select to override a version when a new version is installed.

4. Market Link

The latest version can show “Protected” apps and backup market links of those apps so that you can quickly access those apps whenever you need to. You can share market link with your friends and family with this app and search the app from Google market.

5. Auto Backup and Sorting

If you select the auto backup option, it will always automatically backs up the apps whenever you install them. You can sort the applications by their name, size or install date and save them in sorted style too. This will help you to locate such apps easily.

6. Show Storage Usage

This application can give you visualization of phone’s internal and SD storage spaces i.e how much memory has been consumed and how much is left. This powerful feature always saves your phone from slowing down or getting hanged as whenever you overflow your device with applications, it will alarm you.

This Application has Access to the Following:

  1. Network Communication: Allows the app to have full internet access.
  2. Personal Information: Allows the app to read log data which can give general information about what you are doing with the phone, your private and personal information.
  3. Phone Calls: Allows the app to access phone features like determining the phone number, serial number, whether the call is active and much more.
  4. Storage: Allows the app to modify or delete the storage of USB and SD card.