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Spyware Blaster 4.6 Free Review for Windows 7

Spyware Blaster is a powerful freeware protection program which was initially designed to block the installation of ActiveX-based attackers and it worked effectively for the purpose it was made for. Since then, there was no looking back and it expanded itself to protect your computer against spyware, adware, dialers and other malicious programs which acts as threat on the internet and annoy users. This efficient antivirus solution is designed with very friendly and appealing user interface which makes it very easy to use program. It is embedded with all good features that are required in a powerful antivirus and will never disappoint you. It is light on system resources and doesn’t slow down your computer like other programs of this category.

What is new in this Version?

  • Latest version protects your computer against installation of malware, adware, spyware and hijackers.
  • Appealing user interface.

1. Blacklists the Globally Unique Identifier of the Threat

Spyware Blaster follows a very different approach for protecting your computer if compared to other software solutions of this category. This application simply blacklists the CLSID(globally unique identifier) of the known threat instead of typically scanning the computer system. It effectively prevents the malicious programs from infecting your computer without running in the background. It runs alongside the programs and creates security for your computer.

2. Blocks Tracking via Cookies

Tracking cookies are harmless text files which will keep the track of your activities on your computer. Cookies are not like virus but these are placed intentionally into your computer hard drive by some websites in order to track your computer activity. Once, it will start tracking your day to day activity, it can give your personal or identity information to those websites which can prove to be very harmful at times. Spyware Blaster have ability to block such tracking and spying via cookies.

3. Restricts Dangerous Websites.

Spyware Blaster offers you enhanced system protection by restricting the actions of potentially unwanted as well as dangerous websites. Spyware Blaster is built on multi-layered strategy which enables it to block intruders from multiple angles and hence providing you a powerful antivirus protection. This application does its work quietly without slowing down your web surfing speed. You can even customize the list of websites that you want Spyware Blaster to block.

4. Supports Various Web Browsers and Control their Settings

Spyware Blaster supports various web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Seamonkey etc. and you can customize the settings of these browsers by using various tools. For example from IE Browser Pages, you can view and edit IE browser page settings like search page, start page, search bar etc.; Hosts Safe can store the encrypted backup copies(snapshots) of the Hosts file which is very useful if you encounter system troubles; Flash Killer can disable flash content and downloads completely; Custom Blocking enables you to customize your own list of ActiveX and block them and much more.

5. Up-to-Date Protection and System Snapshot Feature

Spyware Blaster gives you latest and up-to-date protection with its automatic update feature and you can even take the system snapshots. Creating system snapshot helps in PC recovery in case your computer encounters some devastating attack.