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PC Tools AntiVirus Free Review for Windows 7

PC Tools AntiVirus is a freeware solution which consists of various tools that protects your computer against viruses, spyware and other malware like worms, trojans etc. It gives protection to your computer while you are surfing on internet with the tools like File Guard which scans and blocks malware in real-time, Search Defender which warns you about unsafe or phishing websites, Smart Updates automatically keeps check against latest threats and much more. Users need to pay attention during its installation as it is an add supported software and will try to install third party software which are not really required. Otherwise, it installation is easy and the interface is simple as well as intuitive. It offers you different types of scans, you can opt for intelli-scan, full-scan or custom-scan depending on your requirement and time. All in all this software has all the basic features that are required for a standard PC protection against virus and other malware.

What is new in this Version?

  • Minor bugs are fixed.
  • Database update and service start up issue have been fixed.
  • Updated browser defender.

1. IntelliGuard Protection

PC Tools AntiVirus protects your system by detecting and removing virus and other malware threats that attempt to infect your computer through internet or any storage device by using Intelliguard protection. Intelliguard offers real time protection to your computer by turning on File Guard and Email Guard. File guard monitors your system files whenever someone tries to access them and Email guard continuously monitors your email incoming and outgoing. When file guard detects that an infected file is getting accessed, it either quarantine the file or remove it or ignore it or will prompt you to do any of them where as email guard automatically removes any kind of threat if it is observed during email exchange.

2. Customizable Scan and Settings

PC Tools offer you three different type of scans which are intelli-scan, full scan and custom scan. Intelli-scan is a quick scan, full-scan is a slow complete system scan and custom scan is the one which you can customize according to your requirements. You can even customize the settings of these scans from “Scan Settings” option. You can choose fast mode, normal mode or Heuristic scan mode. You can customize a range of generic and global settings and configure the overall performance of PC Tools AntiVirus. You can also customize the performance settings, general settings, scheduler settings etc.

3. Ability to Quarantine and Restore

Quarantine is a process by which this application restricts infected or suspicious files and their related malware threats to a restricted area in computer so that they can no longer affect your system. During system scanning or intelliguard protection, if you have enabled the “Quarantine” action, suspicious files will automatically move to the restricted area. You can check quarantined items and delete them or restore them if you want. However if the problem or threat is complex in nature, in that case you may not be able to perform restore operation.

4. Smart Updates and Enhanced Architecture

You have an option to run smart updates, this feature keeps you updated with frequently released updates which helps to protect your system against the latest viruses and malware threats. You can also improve functionality of PC Tools AntiVirus by running smart updates. Also, this application has latest and enhanced architecture which ensure complete removal of viruses and other malware threats by allowing user accounts with limited permission to scan all the areas of your computer.

5. Logging of File Scans

This application has the ability to record scanning events which also include infection detection and removal events in log files due to which all file scans conducted by PC Tools AntiVirus can be logged.

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