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FortiClient Free SSL VPN Antivirus Lite 4.3.5 Review for Windows 7

FortiClient Lite is not just an antivirus but a complete end point protection suite which includes virus or other malware detection, VPN, parental web control and rootkit removal. This award winning protection suite is the in-house product of Fortinet and use definitions from Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs. It is easy to use program with a user friendly interface and is light on system resources. This application offers three type of scans i.e. Quick scan, Full, scan and Custom scan. Quick scan will scan your PC quickly against the intruders, Full scan will slowly scan your PC with in-depth analysis and Custom scan is the one that user can customize according to his needs. All in all FortiClient Lite is one of the best software of its category when it comes to your computer protection.

What is new in this Version?

  • Latest version has integrated rootkit detection and cleaning technology.
  • New features like Parental Web Control and VPN functionality has been added.

1. Real Time Protection Against Virus and Other Malware

FortiClient Lite will always guard and protect your PC against virus, spyware or any other malware well within or before time using updated threat intelligence and definitions from Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs. Real time protection against malware means detecting the potential malware or virus before time i.e. before they enter into your system and become problem. This application’s antivirus solution detects the threats at very early stage with its enhanced protection engine and generates alerts which notify you when any of the malicious software, virus or spyware try to hit your computer or try to get itself installed in your system. Once suspicious files or programs get detected, it prevents such software from opening into your PC. So you can safely access web with this kind of protection.

2. System Scanning and Cleaning

Scanning process with this end point protection suite is quite simple and quick. Multiple scan options are given in this program which can be run at any time, you can even run a pre-defined scan or create a custom scan. There is Quick scan, full scan and custom scan. Quick scan rapidly checks the areas malware is most likely to infect, including programs running in memory, system files, and the registry. This quick scan scans your system volume and operating memory quickly and is set by default. Full system scan performs slow in-depth scan and checks all files on the PC, the registry, and all currently running programs. Then there is custom scan which will allow you to select the areas that you want to scan and will do the same for you. System cleaning is a process in which an antivirus solution cleans your system when possible threats get detected. This application determines the threat and notifies you with an alert that a threat is detected in your system, then you can Quarantine, remove or ignore that threat depending upon the intensity of threat.

3. IPSec and SSL VPN

FortiClient Lite relies on IPSec or SSL protocols for remote access. This remote access can be quick and easily secured with single VPN configuration. VPN is virtual private network i.e the method of connecting to a private network like your office network through a public network like internet.

4. Parental Web Control

This feature of FortiClient Lite offers you to block some malicious and explicit websites which can cause harm to your computer. You can customize the exclusion list or even disable this feature if this program tries to block some website that you don’t want.

5. Rootkit Removal and Zero Day Malware Detection

Rootkit is something that hides its presence or the presence of other applications like virus on your system for which it uses the lower application layer of your operating system. These malicious rootkits are very dangerous as it will not let you know if the virus or any spyware has infected your system. These rootkits can’t get detected by any simple anti-virus. FortiClient Lite has inbuilt advanced anti rootkit component which scans for malicious rootkits hidden inside computer drivers or applications and doesn’t let any attacker to gain administrator level access to your computer. It scans, detects and removes malicious rootkits. This protection suite can detect threats on both reactive and proactive basis(based on zero day malware detection).