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Spybot Search And Destroy 1.6.2 Free Spyware, Malware, Adware Remover Review for Windows 7

Spyware is a kind of malicious software which gathers the information of a person or organization from the computer and market it to advertisers. Unlike virus or worm, it self installs itself without the knowledge of user. It is a deceptive software which hides itself and can be very difficult to detect. Spyware collects almost all type of data from your computer like user logins, bank account information, surfing habits etc. It can even install unwanted or malicious software, change computer settings and redirect web browsers. As a result your system may slow down or even crash plus your personal information gets exposed and exploited. Most of the anti-virus solutions doesn’t cover spyware protection as it is comparatively new malware as compared to virus and worms. Spybot search and destroy is a freeware and effective solution to this problem. The program comes with a plain and clear interface which is quite easy to use. Scanning speed may not be very good but decent.

What is new in this Version?

  • Extended whitelisting identification for File Scanner and Startup Tools.
  • New Protected Repair Environment allows to run all Spybot – Search & Destroy tools in a separate and secure desktop.
  • Support for latest Opera releases.
  • Support for Google Chrome.
  • Full Scan runs faster through files in your download directory.
  • Separate File Scanner can now handle huge folders.
  • Fixed problems with Cleaner on reboot.

1. Keylogger Removal

Keylogging is a method of tracking or logging the keys that struck on the computer keyboard in order to gain access to user information. While a user is writing something, person will never be able to know that his actions are being monitored. Keylogger is a software used for keylogging operation. Spybot-search and destroy has the ability to sense this program and remove it.

2. Fix Registry Inconsistencies

Registry inconsistency means inconsistent growth of registry due to invalid and incorrect registry entries due to which your system performance considerably starts decreasing like increase in boot up time in slow system performance. Registry cleaner of spybot fixes all these registry problems efficiently.

3. Clean Usage Tracks

Usage tracks are the history of websites you visited, web pages pages you have opened, programs you have run, documents you have read or edited, or other information recording your activities that is stored on your computer. These usage tracks can be completely removed using spybot.

4. Detection Coverage

Detections can be updated in Spybot-search and destroy without the need of included webupdate. Detection update will update the detections as per schedule.

5. File Shredding

File Shredder is include in Spybot-search and destroy which erases files permanently so that no one can recover them. File shredder shreds all your personal data which you want to remove and maintains your privacy.

6. Block Tracking Cookies

Tracking cookies are harmless text files which will keep the track of your activities on your computer. Cookies are not like virus but these are placed intentionally into your computer hard drive by some websites in order to track your computer activity. Spybot have ability to block such tracking cookies if you order it to do so.

7. Block Downloads

If you fear that certain downloads may lead to enter virus or any other malware in your computer or you don’t want any other person to download anything on your system, Spybot-search and destroy has this feature of blocking download files when you wish to do so.

8. Product Knowledge Database

There is a complete database of product knowledge available, detailed information is available about identified problems on the website. Expert forums are also available if you encounter something that you don’t know about.

9. Back Up For Data Recovery

Spybot-search and destroy keeps removing unwanted data from registry, delete detected files and keep them in a recovery area which is called the back up for data recovery. This data can be restored on request if you want.

10. Detailed System Logging And Support

In order to help user in identifying threats, detailed reports are generated which guide them well and complete support is given by the production company of Spybot-search and destroy like free email support and forums if you have any problem with the product.