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Google Picasa 3.9 Free Image Editor, Organizer Review for Windows 7

Picasa 3.9 is a photo organizer. This software product by Google is a freeware which manages your digital photographs nicely with an ease. Its interface is quite intuitive and easy to use. This program is very easy to install but it should be installed with care as the setup package comes with third party software which may change the settings of your web browser. Once installed, it will itself locate all the pictures in your system and starts organizing them. It will find all your pictures and represent them as thumbnails making it easier for you to manage. Picasa photo organizer can also be used without internet except some of its online features. Besides powerful photo management, you can always edit the photos with this tool. Various options like re-sizing, cropping, adding effects etc. are available within the software which helps you in enhancing the quality of your photographs.

What is new in this Version?

  • Various crashes have been fixed in this version.
  • Name tags and contact issues are fixed.
  • New photo editing effects like Polaroid, Infrared etc. are included.

1. Locates and Organizes the Pictures

Picasa automatically scans your computer for pictures, it locates them and then organize them in folders at a very fast speed. For making browsing easier for you, it shows the pictures as thumbnails. You can see at the left of the screenshot that there are three organizing options that are Folders, Albums and People. Now, Albums and People have there existence in Picasa only i.e. whatever changes you will make in them, those changes will appear in Picasa only but if you makes changes in folders, then those changes will affect the corresponding folders in your computer and get displayed there also. For example, if you delete a picture from Album, it gets deleted from Album only. But if you delete a picture from folder, it gets deleted from your computer also. So while organizing your photos, keep this point in mind that Folder option will directly affect your folders in computer. You can also use Picasa to keep a back up of your pictures in another drive.

2. Editing and Powerful Effects

There are multiple image editing options with which you can enhance your pictures like cropping, re-sizing, red eye reduction etc. You can see these options at the left of the screenshot. You can also add effects to your photographs. Twenty four new editing effects are included in this version which are Infrared, Lomo-ish, Holga-ish, HDR-ish, Cinemascope, Orton-ish, Sixties, Invert Colors, Heat Map, Nightvision, Cross Process, Posterize, Duo-Tone, Boost, Soften, Vignette/Matte, Pixelate/Focal Pixelate, Focal Zoom, Pencil Sketch, Neon, Comic Book, Border, Rounded Edges, Drop Shadow, Museum Matte and Polaroid. You can also edit and compare two pictures side by side.

3. Password Protection, Photo Printing and Sync to Web

You can keep any of your Picasa collection password protected if you don’t want anyone to see them without your permission. There is an option called ‘Print’ with which you can take the print of your pictures at home. With Picasa, you can also make collage and view pictures in slide show too. Sync to Web option will let you reflect changes made to your photos immediately in the corresponding album in Picasa Web Albums.

4. Searching and Viewing

You can always add file name and captions while editing a photo which works like keywords if you want to view a particular album or picture. Picasa has a toolbar which is called search bar which helps you in searching for a particular file. This search bar is always viewable when you are navigating through library. Picasa has only one window in which you can view and edit photos, there is no separate window available and if you want to view picture on full screen, you can do it with slide show option. You can also take screenshots with Picasa.

5. Sharing and Tagging

Sharing pictures was never so easy. With Picasa, you can can upload your pictures on internet or e-mail them very easily. If you have a circle on Google+, then sharing on it with Picasa is a cakewalk. Picasa has this face recognition technology with which it recognizes the people and tag them. Now you can also tag the pictures easily from the desktop also.

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