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OOo4kids (OpenOffice for Kids) Review for Windows 7

OOo4kids is a simpler and easier version of the popular open source OpenOffice suite. It includes essential features of OpenOffice but is much stripped down version because it it created with a vision for younger kids in mind. Its interface is clean and easy to understand for the age group of 7 to 12. It includes Writer, Draw, Presentation Wizard and Calc. It is a customizable application with a larger cursor and clearly designed icons. Also, brighter colors are used for making it more interesting for kids.

What is new in this Version?

  • Many small bugs have been fixed.
  • Improvements are made like annotation mode improvement, new graphical formats and more features are added.

1. Visual simplicity

One very commendable thing about this application is its visual simplicity. OOo4kids have very few buttons on its GUI. Its interface is very clean and easy to understand. Moreover buttons are large in size and are clearly explained which makes this program very easy for younger kids.

2. Writer

Writer is a word processor inside the office suite. User can create documents like letters or ant textual thing. You can not only write text but include graphics, tables and charts etc. There are more options of saving document as email, export directly as PDF, print file directly, scaling the text, changing the font and much more.

3. Calc

Calc is a spreadsheet program which you can use to calculate, analyze, and manage your data as well as modify Excel spreadsheets. You can manage your data with spreadsheets like in excel sheets. You can arrange your data and can quickly perform mathematical calculations. It provides you with functions, including statistical functions, that you can use to create formulas to perform calculations on your data. You can always add to or reorganize these spreadsheets.

4. Presentation Wizard

Presentation Wizard is power point application which lets you create smart presentations. Using this software, you can create slide shows that can include charts, drawing objects, text, multimedia and a variety of other items. You can select the slide design and colors for making an effective presentation. Then you can select slide transition effect and speed. You can present it manually or automatically depending upon your requirement.

5. Draw

Draw is a drawing application that lets you draw and make sketches right from the scratch. You can select from layout, control and dimension lines. You have almost all the basic drawing tools here with which you can create drawing of your choice and even insert objects.