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Avidemux 2.5.6 Free Video Editor Review for Windows 7

Avidemux is a freeware program designed for editing videos. This software can simply cut, filter and encode the videos easily for you. Various codecs are been used in this program along with supporting multiple file formats. Video editing has become very easy with avidemux as it is self explanatory software which guides you well through all the steps. Supported video formats are AVI, DVD, MP4, MPEG, and ASF. It also supports audio formats like MP3, OGG, WAV. It has a user friendly interface and is quite easy to install. This application is filled with features like different filters, decoding options, frame rate configuration, processing tools etc.

What is new in this Version?

  • New version has added support for latest x264 core and has better compatibility with some FLV files.
  • Minor fixes and enhancements have been done along with restored AC3 and MP2 encoding.
  • FFmpeg libraries are updated and Windows XP 32-bit stability issues have been resolved·
  • Crash reporting on Windows has been improved and Windows 7 taskbar now displays encoding progress.
  • The problem of blocking the source application at the time of drag and drop has been removed.

1. Non Linear video editing ability

Non linear video editing ability means that the system performs non destructive editing on the source material. In this system instead of recording on reels or tapes, all the assets are available on video servers or hard discs as files. With this technique, you can play any frame or clip in the video by directly entering the time code without having the need of playing the complete adjacent video. Then you can always add visual effects to enhance the video. For this you can use inbuilt filters of Avidemux.

2. Advanced options like generic decoder and post processing tools

Generic decoder is an application that allows you to call an external program for decoding a file or a stream for example, you have a compressed video and you want to open it. With this option, you can easily be decode the video. Then you have post processing tools which are use after video processing. Post processing tool is a software used to enhance or improve video quality for example adding new effects after the make of video. Avidemux is embedded with new post processing tools and advanced options for improving quality of your video.

3. GlyphSet adjustments and user defined filters

Glyphset is a structure that contains the information about a range of Unicode code points. This structure provides implementation guideline to producers of fonts for the representation of natural languages. You can adjust glyphset according to your requirement in avidemux. It also gives user to create their own user defined filters. Further, user can use these filter according to the requirement for video enhancement.

4. Multiple video and audio encoders

Avidemux has various video encoders like MPEG-4 AVC, XviD, MPEG-4 ASP, MPEG-2 Video, MPEG-1 Video etc. and multiple audio encoders like AC-3, AAC, MP3, MP2, Vorbis etc. Avidemux can also perform muxing as well as demuxing. Avidemux can insert audio streams into a video file which is known as multiplexing or extract audio streams from video files which is known as demultiplexing.

5. Avidemux can also be run from command line and has subtitle format support

Avidemux supports various subtittle formats like SUB(MicroDVD) which is a subtitle format for digital video, SSA(Substation Alpha), ASS(Advanced SubStation Alpha and SRT(SubRip) plus it can be run from command line i.e it can interact with a computer program where the user or client passes commands in the form of a line of text which is called a command line.