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Top 5 Best Free Windows Uninstaller Software to Remove Programs

The default Add/Remove Program that comes with the Windows OS does a pretty decent job of uninstalling a software. On Windows 7, you can see this under Control Panel -> “Programs and Features”. When you encounter a situation where you cannot uninstall a program from the default interface, you may want to try out one of the following Windows Uninstall software. Apart from just uninstalling the software, some of these freeware can also search for leftovers and delete them completely. Play around with these uninstallers and pick the one that suites your requirement.

1. Geek Uninstaller

You don’t need to install this uninstaller software on you system. It is just an executable that you can store it on your usb drive, and launch the software from there. The executable works on both 32-bit and 64-bit OS. This is extremely fast. This program does a deep scanning and removes any leftovers to keep the system very clean. You also provides an option to orce removal of software.

2. ZSoft Uninstaller

Apart from performing the standard uninstallation, it does several additional functionalities. It performs cleanup of uninstall leftovers. It can find and delete temporary files, empty folder, remove entries from programs that are not installed. This also displays additional information about every installed program than what you see in the default Windows add/remove program window.

3. Safarp

This is a standard uninstaller software that also has ability to search installed programs. This can delete entries that are obsolete. You can also export the program list to a file. There is no development of this software since 2005.

4. My Uninstaller

This is another standard uninstaller utility that is a replacement for the Windows Add/Remove program. Just like the default uninstaller, it also displays all installed program and you can choose to export the list to a file, or uninstall a specific program, or view additional information about a specific program.

5. Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller has both freeware and professional editions. The freeware edition allows you to scan leftovers after the standard uninstall. Just like professional edition, it also provides eight additional clean-up tools with free professional support. But, there are lot of useful features that are missing in the freeware edition.