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Top 5 Best Free Windows Startup Program Managers

Startup Managers (also known as Setup / Configuration tools) enable you to gain control, review and configure the services and programs that start with Windows, i.e., allow you to view and manage the programs that automatically run when the Windows operating system loads. Although it is possible to do this within Windows, the many software available online are definitely easier to use and provide the user with extra information and facilities, giving you more functionality to get your work done easily.

1. Autoruns

Autoruns is a freeware application available on the Microsoft website. It has the most inclusive knowledge of auto-starting locations of a startup monitor and shows you a list or programs which are configured to run during bootup, in the order that Windows processes them. Autoruns can be configured to show other locations like Explorer shell extensions, toolbars, etc, thus giving functionality beyond the MSConfig utility that comes with some versions of Windows.

2. Startup Delayer

Startup Delayer is a software application that claims to give you the power to optimize your startup process by delaying applications that startup as soon as you boot your PC. Accordingly, the PC can boot faster as launching applications takes less priority. Once the computer is fully booted and is idle, the startup applications are launched, thus saving time taken for the PC to reach a useable state. What’s more is that you can create separate profiles to use in different situations, example: home and work.

3. WhatInStartup

WhatIn Startup is an application that displays a list of startup applications with information about its Startup type, command-line string, product name, file version, location in the registry etc. Aprat from allowing you to view, add and delete/disable programs to the startup list, it has a ‘permanent disabling’ feature that detects a program that has re-added itself to the startup list after being disabled, and disables it again automatically. Thus, it saves you the task of constantly disabling programs that will only run when you re-boot.

4. Quick Startup

Quick Startup is a quick and simple startup manager application designed specially to speed up Windows boot, by delaying the simultaneous startup of certain programs, or removing unnecessary programs that use up resources to launch themselves, thus increases the time taken for the OS to startup. The application basically arranges auto-start programs and frees up enough resources for system boot, thus making it as fast as possible and boosting performance. The best feature of this application is that it is appropriate for use by novice users as well, who may not know which auto-start programs are necessary and which aren’t.

5. Startup Control Panel

Startup Control Panel is an ingenious freeware applet that allows you to decide which programs run when your PC starts. It is simple and easy to use, and being a small application itself, will not burden the system by taking up resources to run itself, thus making it a valuable tool for system administrators. The tabbed interface is plain and fuss-free, offering sections for application and registry keys that launch on startup.