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Top 5 Best Free Windows File Copy and Folder Copy Software

Copying files is an essential process for data storage. Although most operating systems come with in-built copy functions, command line (CLI) and graphical (GUI) interfaces and filing system copy and move functions, the use of third party software apps might provide you with the luxury of more functionality. Sometimes, third party software could completely replace the in-built copier, because of the extra features and added functions. The use of such software might enable one to perform tasks that the regular copier will not be able to handle, and also provides functions like pause, resume, copying selected file properties etc, making the process more efficient.

1. Fast Copy

FastCopy claims to be the fastest copy/delete software for Windows. This software supports UNICODE and over MAX-PATH (260 characters) file pathnames, and automatically selects appropriate methods according to whether the source and destination directories are in the same or different HDD. Since the requests are processed with no OS cache, the program does not slow the system down, making it very user friendly. You can also apply a UNIX Wildcard style filter if required. The best part is that this software can be modified by the user since the publishers have made all the source code open to the public in the BSD license.

2. Ultra Copier

Ultra Copier is an open source software program that acts as a substitute for the files copy dialog. Its main features include speed limitation, error/collision management, on-error resume, play/pause functions, etc. Apart from the aforementioned, this freeware is extremely customizable, and works everywhere since it is cross-platform compatible. It claims to be faster than most default system tools, and provides more advanced features for the ease of the user. It also maintains detailed information dialogs which can be used to find a solution in case of errors.

3. SuperCopier 4

SuperCopier 4 is an old fashioned version of Ultra Copier. It works equally well to manage transfers of large quantities of files and folders, or files of a huge size, obviously making it more efficient and reliable than the standard Windows Explorer. Apart from serving regular copy/paste functionality, it provides options like play, pause, speed control, etc. SuperCopier is embedded in Windows Explorer and can be run from its icon on the system, or by simply copying files the normal way.

4. Copy Handler

Copy Handler is an open sourced software application that provides you with full control over file copy and move operations. It is highly customizable, which makes it very popular with users, and fully integrated with the operating system. Some of the advanced features that it offers are task queuing, pause/resume, changing copy parameters on the go, and significant acceleration of the copying process. The application has multiple language support and adds extra commands to context menus and drag&drop menus because of its system integration.

5. Unstoppable Copier

Unstoppable Copier is a freeware application by Roadkil. It claims to recover files from disks with physical damage. You can copy files from disks with issues like bad sectors, scratches or data reading errors, as the program attempts to recover every readable piece of information and piece things together. The batch mode functions of the program allow it to be used as a daily backup system, and processes can be scheduled, queued and run without using the GUI, thus fully integrating it into daily server tasks.

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  • Steve January 4, 2014, 2:01 pm

    The article is silent about (or the author was ignorant of) the fact that at least one of the utilities, UltraCopy, includes a background process, effectively exploiting the user’s PC for the benefit of the software’s author.
    On the bright side, the UltraCopy web site clearly spells this out, and explains that this is a way to fund the project.
    But the article above could have been more forthcoming (or better researched) to point out that ‘free’ isn’t really free.

  • Edgardo April 11, 2014, 10:12 am

    Nice article.
    I would like to hear any word about robocopy