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Top 5 Best Free Scientific Calculators for Windows

Mathematics is without a doubt one of the most complex things out there that you can learn. This is what makes calculators such an important part of it – without them we would be there all day. Calculators let us create simple conclusions to large equations, and there are a variety of great calculators available for your computer that you can download today!

1. Reor

Reor is a fully functional scientific calculator which can perform a vast majority of the mathematical solutions and operations that you would need. With graphs and statistical analysis features, and physical constants, it comes with a huge array of features and is arguably the most diverse freeware calculator that you will find.

It can deal with anything from trigonometry to square roots, and its graphical features are fantastic and very easy to use, creating simple reports in minutes. It remembers every result used on start-up to when you close the program, too, using the awesome History feature. One of the best you will find.

2. Microsoft Calculator Plus

The normal Microsoft Calculator is efficient enough, but it’s very easy to lose track of what you are doing and its layout makes it a little bit annoying to use at times – it looks too much like every other Microsoft software and is not intriguing enough to the user.

Thankfully, Microsoft Calculator Plus solves that issue. It gives it a much nicer user display and has a host of new features which were not previously available. This is a big improvement over the normal calculator and only takes seconds to install, too. It is far more accurate and even updates its exchange rates and other variables.

3. Microsoft Mathematics

The mathematicians equivalent to Microsoft Office, this awesome package is a free to use educational tool which is perfect for teacher and student alike. It gives a variety of different maths and science problems that you need to traverse, building up both problem solving and mathematical ability.

It comes with a barrel load of features like graph calculators and unit converters, solvers to show you where you went wrong and why, and a variety of 3D Vector functions which make looking at things like graphics in the most obscure details even easier than ever. A true teaching paradise.

4. HEXelon MAX

HEXelon provides a robust and diverse scientific calculator that gives you all the features you need. It can work with all of the necessities like roots, and comes with a large history of previous calculations, allowing for you to trace your steps and see how and why you got your answer.

It has a wealth of new functions and you can even create new formula and edit the layout of the software to your own liking. It has a huge unit converter list and offers a simple and functional alternative to other calculators on the freeware market – definitely worth a look if you want something which will solve your problem.

5. SpeQ

SpeQ is a small yet extensive scientific calculator with one of the easiest interfaces you will find. Everything is placed onto a sheet which you can then truly edit and modify to your exact needs – it has a very unique interface but backs it up with a series of brilliant features to make it more than just an aesthetic piece of software.

Usable by the most novice mathematicians or the veterans of the world, it offers everything you would need and probably more to be honest! It has a huge list of variables it can choose from and is applicable to both professionals and students as a great piece of software to use or learn from. Well worth your time.