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Top 5 Best Free Windows Printer Tools and Utilities Software

Windows Printer and Utilities software offer users a chance to enhance their printing experience. From combining scanning and printing into copying to accessing network printers and printers over the internet, these tools help better the overall printer experience. Some work with their own intuitive interface others behave like actual printers installed in the system with their own drivers. This software is necessary for small businesses, home users and others who like sharing and gathering documents in hard copies.

1. PrinterShare

PrinterShare helps print photos and documents using printers connected to another system, just as easily as one would with a printer directly connected to their own system. Requires no expert knowledge and it works in less than a minute to get connected. Users can even access printers via the internet at their work place, colleagues computer or more and decide on what to print. The software automatically picks out printers using local network properties and allows users to share their printer with others too.

2. Photocopier

If you have a printer and scanner all-in-one system why not make photocopies on your own? With the Photocopier, you can do just that. Simply insert the document to scan and start Photocopier to begin copying multiple pages. Once the printer produces copies of your document you can control exactly what brightness, contrast and other settings you wish to reproduce. Available as a freeware, it also comes as a Pro and Expert version which provide greater in-depth copy controls.

3. iCarbon

With iCarbon, you can combine your scanner and printer into a single photocopier with a fast and compact interface. This operates across all printers and works with a Scan/Print option using a single button. It can copy in color and grey scale, lets users choose contrast and scan quality of each copy as well as store variable copier settings. The application remembers last loaded settings and starts with it each time.

4. ScreenHunter Free

To always remember information that comes across the screen, use the ScreenHunter Free edition to capture the screen and send it to a printer directly. The interface is simple enough to use and with an intuitive user module, it helps capture screens quick and also print at the same time. Decide where to send files and what software to use, it relies on hot keys to take window captures, full screen shots or a small rectangle with crosshair to capture screen. Printing is easy and direct with a built in printer interface.

5. Paperless Printer

Paperless Printer uses a desktop application to print using Google cloud printer. This freeware can also print documents in pdf, txt, eps, jpeg, pcl, raw, png, ps, tiff format and more. It lets you use any printer on the internet and treats all printers as if it were connected to a Windows PC. Paperless printer appears as an object in the Printer folder and starting it is as simple as selecting it from printer settings in any application.