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Top 5 Best Free Shutdown and Reboot Utilities for Windows

As the name suggests, it is just a tool that shutdowns the system, logs off the user, reboots the computer and does similarly related tasks depending on what the user configures the utility to do so. Obviously, the difference lies in the sequence of events such a tool can be setup for. This comes handy when you wish to time the shutdown or restart maybe because you wish to start a software automatically or want to shut the computer down after a download or update is complete. It is purely an automation tool.

1. Shutter

Shutter does more than shutdown or restart your system, this is a multipurpose scheduling utility with an easy interface and user friendly nature. It provides Winamp Stops, Countdown, On Time, User Inactive, Battery Low, Process Stops, File Size Limit and much more. Desktop links can easily be created or executed with a supported action while the web interface provides remote execution for actions and shows run-time info about a computer such as screenshot of the desktop, list of processes and program execution.

2. ShutdownGuard

ShutdownGuard not only schedules startups and shutdowns but also prevents accidental restarting or shutdowns especially when working on a network or installing new programs. This is a small and free app that is efficient in preventing shutdown. Without a user interface, after installation, a tiny lock icon appears in the taskbar that in the open state allows shutdowns and in closed state pops up an alert requesting a confirmation of shutdown. It is also capable of starting with Windows and can be hidden from view.

3. PowerOff

PowerOff automates all the methods of switching off a computer. In fact it lets you choose between lock, restart, hibernate, log off and shut down, scheduling them and setting the PC to shut down directly after a specific process is over. It even works remotely and shows a warning prompt before taking any action so that you get enough time to cancel the action or save any work you are working on. The only real lacking feature is the inability to schedule shutdowns based on network usage.


The AMP WinOFF allows users to handle power management features and offers multi-conditional behavioral features. It uses a window with multiple panels for shutdown planning, administrative settings and general options. It offers locking session, hibernation, sleep mode, restart with administrative rights and more. You can even set specific dates or a countdown timer, based on user activity, CPU load or network transfer. The chosen power option is triggered once one of the options or all of the conditions are fulfilled. This multi-conditional shutdown planning is the biggest advantage of AMP WinOFF. You can even set administrative passwords for this utility.

5. Simple Shutdown Timer

The Simple Shutdown Timer is a countdown timer with zero complications that lets you chose a specific action that is executed once the countdown timer reaches zero. It is that simple, choose between sleep, hibernate, shutdown or reboot and log off and set the timer. Once ready it begins the timer and automatically executes the command you wish for. While this may seem as too uncomplicated or rather simple, it is sufficient for most basic requirements.