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Top 5 Best Free Bookmark Manager Add-ons for Internet Explorer IE Browser

Internet Explorer by default comes with a well organized bookmark manager that stores every URL you bookmark in folders. However, for those who surf the internet a lot and like keeping things neat and tidy, the pre-installed bookmark manager might not suffice. This is where bookmark manager add-ons with additional capabilities and better interface come into the picture. Not only do such managers look and work great but usually work across more than one platform, including mobile ones. Here are the top five free Internet Explorer Browser Bookmark Manager Add-ons.

1. Xmarks

The leading bookmarking add-on services for Internet Explorer, Xmarks can simultaneously synchronize across various computers and web browsers as well as mobile platforms. Once you have installed the add-on, simply click on the Xmarks icon to start syncing and backing up. It even works on all open tabs and is available for Firefox, IE and Safari alongside Chrome.

2. Delicious Bookmarks Add-on

Considered the official add-on to IE for Delicious, the Delicious bookmarks however does a tad bit more than just augmenting its social bookmarking activities. It helps search through your links, network and keep bookmarks organized at all times with tags also letting you share the bookmarks with anyone including friends on the internet, or exporting bookmarks out of the Explorer.

3. Power Favorites

A bookmark manager not just designed for the Internet Explorer but Windows in reality, Power Favorites is the ideal bookmark manager to help synchronize and organize all your bookmarks in a single place. It takes all your bookmarks spread around Opera, Firefox and IE merging them together into a single file and then synching them all together on all your systems that have it installed. Searching bookmarks with its integrated system is quick and efficient thanks to tag clouds and tag lists.

4. LinkPilot

LinkPilot not only makes bookmarks and tags storing them in folder options but also helps choose a particular graphic element of any web page to go along with the bookmark so as to easily identify the page content in future. This add-on is straightforward and intuitive, easy to use and works with an Explorer styled thumbnail view interface. The free version is available for personal use and to use it on a commercial level you need to purchase a complete license.

5. URL Organizer

The URL Organizer is a simple, compact and quick bookmark manager that helps annotate, backup, organize, copy and store or hold onto multiple collections of favorites, bookmarks, documents, folders, programs and more. This is a highly customizable add-on with an intuitive and innovative interface that can find any URL you want in under three clicks. It also comes with export and import options for Netscape, Opera, AOL and Internet Explorer.