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Top 5 Best Free Windows Installers for Packaging Programs

Windows Installer applications can be small and wizard based or a full fledged package that helps create patch files, updates, uninstall kits and much more. These programs basically help parcel together an entire application, game, utility, image file or just about anything and make an executable such that the entire unit that unpacks to deliver the final product on any Windows platform. Best used by developers but it can also be used by avid programmers and game makers too for making distributable.

1. Inno Setup

Feature packed, Inno Setup is a freeware Windows Installer that features an installation wizard akin to the Windows 2000 style and can help make EXE files for direct online distribution as well as for disk spanning and also make uninstall protocols. It also allows for making customizable setup files, integrate LZMA file compression and OCXs as well as making INI entries, registry entries and Start menu icons. The entire Delphu code is there for all to see on the author’s Website.

2. WiX Toolset

Wix Toolset is a XML based Windows Installer that lets any developer create installation files to run on Windows. The core includes a build oackage that helps compile the source code and make executables with .msi installation packages, .msp patches, .msm merge modules, automated build system and even a command line based build. It comes with many extensions and can help create SQL databases, make exceptions in Windows Firewall and more. The Wix is a perfect all-in-one installer for Windows environment.

3. Clickteam Install Creator 2

With Install Creator you can make installers for any application painless and easy. Best of all this is a free Windows Installer that once run, will automate the entire process through a wizard that you can then use to enter title of the program, find files and choose installer size such as full or small. Then add in license agreements, release notes and more. Once done, hit the build key and everything is done for you. It even makes an automated uninstallation program that you can include in the package.

4. CreateInstall Free

Just released, the Version 5.19.1 now has new features such as the command global environment. CreateInstall Free Editiion is a flexible yet free builder with professional installation protocols and modules where the user interface makes things surprisingly easy. Installation files can be easily compressed into tiny user-friendly files that include registry extracts, entries, uninstalls, licensing, multi-directory deployment and even ini files. Menu creation and shortcuts are also a part of the installation creation module.

5. InstallSimple

A compact utility to build complete installation packages, InstallSimple helps make distributable single .exe files. It makes use of a small intuitive and practical assistant that sets parameters for the entire installation process for all Windows platforms. Distribute graphic images, data files or applications as and when you wish with additions for license and uninstall app.