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Top 5 Best Free Audio Editors for Windows

The class of software that fall under, “Audio Editor” can all have varying features and usability. Some are basic allowing users to only cut, merge or change formats. Others are richer in their feature set and offer the ability to cut, wince, record, add effects and encode onto higher bandwidths. Many of the audio editors available today are actually free even though they offer high end features. Bigger editors usually depend on separate plug-ins to operate specific features which in turn ensures longevity and diversified usage.

1. Audacity

As a cross-platform open source audio editor and recorder, Audacity is designed to play sounds, import or export various formats such as OGG, MP3, AIFF and WAV as well as record them. Simply edit them, copy, cut and paste them using unlimited undo functionality. You can even apply effects, mix tracks to recordings. It features a customizable spectrogram, amplitude envelope editor and to enable audio analysis it uses a frequency analyzer.

2. Wavosaur

Wavosaur is VST and ASIO compatible. This audio editor is excellent in recording directly from soundcard inputs, processing and editing files, performing various audio functions quickly. It can import many different formats including raw binary files. Some basic options include trimming, cropping, mixing, pasting, copying and cutting. Other features include 2D and 3D frequency spectrum, sonogram, synthesis generators, statistics, markers and loop points support. This particular audio editor comes with batch processor, VST effects and a MIDI control surface.

3. Power Sound Editor

The Power Sound Editor is available in two versions, one as a free and the other as a paid version. While the Free version lets you work with WAV files, you cannot export in any other format. It provides plenty of powerful operations and advanced features for audio data to record, change and edit or mix them together. Simple features include Chorus, Echo and Reverb.

4. Kristal Audio Engine

Kristal Audio engine is a pretty powerful audio sequencer, mixer and multi-track recorder. This particular freeware actually helps mastering digital audio, mixing and recording, designed specifically for modular systems. It utilizes a mixing console, live audio input, audio sequencer and more all loaded as different plug-ins. In short, this multichannel audio engine does a lot of powerful real time processing.

5. MP3 Cutter

The Free MP3 Editor and Cutter is a practical app that edits and cuts music files as the name suggests. Nevertheless, it also does the same with WAV files letting you save finished products in any of the two formats. To work on any file, just drag and drop them onto the interface and start using the program to make shorter or merged versions of a few different tracks. This software is not resource hogging so it may require a bit more effort in processing longer files.