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Top 5 Best Free Bookmark Managers for Firefox Browser

Bookmark managers have long undergone a change. With modern day add-ons your bookmark manager can not only store pages you like but also display those you visit the most, ones that you worked on last and even sync to a cloud network when required for maintaining backups and duplicate versions. They now look much fancier and yet remain simple to use, which is why bookmark managers today are one of the hottest plugins in the market, be it for Mac, Windows or Android.

1. Xmarks Sync

The free version of Xmarks actually installs not just on Firefox but on all modern day browsers such that any bookmarks saved on one appears on the other. It seamlessly integrates with all web browsers and backs up bookmarks safely syncing with changes instantly for a truly revolutionary experience. Simple to operate and yet so highly endowed, the premium edition offers a lot more features although not everyone will find them interesting.

2. Diigo Toolbar

Diigo is the number one extension for archiving, annotating and bookmarking. It works on Firefox and Chrome with a toolbar that helps bookmark links, attach stickies or highlights to specific webpages and even share pages using annotations on various social platforms. Gain access to this tool anywhere from your iPhone or Android and create groups to share resources or curate content.

3. FVD Speed Dial

FVD Speed Dial is not just convenient but also easy to use with quickness its main forte. No need to browse your massive bookmark collection as all you have becomes immediately visible. It operates using a few different modes such as speed dials that allow you to make your own quick access links. Then there is the Most Visited category that shows how often you visit certain sites, some you can add to speed dial if you deem it necessary. Then there is the tab for recently closed so that you don’t mistakenly close something and go browsing the history for it.

4. Bookmark Tab

After installing the Bookmarks tab, the effective screen size of Firefox increases as there is no more space for it to use. Now all bookmarks come neatly arranged in a new tab displaying an overview that you can easily access and edit with. Opening bookmarks now takes you automatically to a new tab, shows a search bar on top of overview, preserves opened folders and their state to open more than one bookmark at a time. Stylesheet used can be completely customized.

5. iCloud Bookmarks

iCloud Bookmarks extension designed for Firefox helps stay in sync with the Safari bookmarks on iPad, Mac and iPhones using cloud services. It stores everything online and automatically syncs them on all your devices so any changes you do on either is transformed onto every other device you own. With this bookmark manager it is mighty easy to switch and change things up.