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Top Seven Best Windows 8 Books for Your Library

Windows 8 isn’t just an advancement over Windows 7 but an entirely new and exciting OS that can migrate onto portable devices such as tablets, smartphones and more. This predominantly touch enabled OS supposedly takes Windows the next level. Considering the magnitude of changes, refreshing new look this particular edition of Windows has, it can feel rather daunting working with it initially. In fact, system administrators too feel overwhelmed trying to tackle various Windows 8 related problems. Here is our top seven pick for the Best Windows 8 Books, that we believe will satisfy any Windows user experience level – from beginners to experts.

  1. Windows 8 Step by Step, by Ciprian Adrian Rusen & Joli Ballew – Having worked in parallel with the Windows 8 development team through initial testing till the end consumer grade version, Adrian and Ballew can explain and provide insights that are deep, fascinating and enlightening. O’Reilly Publications is best known for academic grade books and the Windows 9 Step by Step is just that. No fillers and fluff, everything about Windows 8 is explained in precise and careful chapters arranged like the intricate sitemap of a website. No other book can give secrets of Windows 8 away like this can, albeit beginners will feel overwhelmed by its size and diversity of topics.
  2. Windows 8 Bible, by Jim Boyce & Rob Tidrow – Easy to read, well explained and written with instructions and detailed pictures, Windows 8 Bible is a book catered towards all computer users. Have some fun with Windows and check out its new features but wait this is a big book and there is more to it than just this. Titled the Bible, it is indeed thorough an in depth with loads of technical stuff to satisfy techies and also keep the average user rooted in reality.
  3. Windows 8: The Missing Manual, by David Pogue – A highly anticipated book, David Pogue usually captures the reader’s undivided attention with distilled explanations, clean and precise language. His general approachability is evident throughout the Missing Manual and in the end the book turns out to be an equal help for technical and non-tech folks alike. Not shallow by any means, the book tackles many advanced features, hidden tips and tricks that ought to bring anyone up to speed with the latest Windows installment in no time at all. Expect loads of advanced tips, helpful insight and above all brevity.
  4. Windows 8 For Dummies, by Andy Rathbone – Targeted towards the average Windows user, Windows 8 For Dummies interjects tiny nuggets of sarcasm with a good sense of humor trying to make technical data easier to comprehend. Divided into sections, the book categorically deals with new aspects of Windows 8, tackles existing features and more helping a noob get over his or her fear of a brand new OS. Not exactly detailed enough for a system admin, it is however sufficient for an average home or private user who needs a guide for times when something stumps their imagination.
  5. Windows 8 Superguide, by Matthew Buxton & Pat Buxton – A refreshing read, Windows 8 Superguide actually misleads with its title. This book is specifically geared towards the average Joe. With click-to-click precise instructions, pros and cons explanations, relevant screen illustrations, detailed TOC and lots of tips & tricks – the book tackles Windows 8 right from the installation down to the last file in registry but without ever overwhelming readers with too many jargons.
  6. Windows 8 Simplified, by Paul McFedries – Not all Windows 8 users are experts at older versions of this popular OS. There are many who have never used a tablet or smartphone before, never experienced the potential of a touch enabled OS. Windows 8 Simplified is a book exactly for such folks. Totally basic, nothing advanced, no techie terms, just simple step-by-step instructions to get basic things done, Windows 8 style. Do not read this book if you know your way around Windows 7 – take for instance the lack of cmd instructions and control panel in-depth view.
  7. Windows 8 Plain & Simple, by Nancy Muir – Plain and simple a colorful illustrative step by step guide for total newbies to Windows 8. System admin, advanced users and geeks stay away from this book – it will dull your senses and make your brain rot from within! Total strangers to Windows 8 take a fresh breath of air because this is the book you ought to have beside you before installing or operating Windows 8 for the very first time.