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Top 5 Best Free Accounting / Billing Software for Windows

Accounting and Billing Software necessarily do not have to be massive programs that hog system resources. A small business only wants a convenient means of tracking their inventory, processing tax information, creating quotations, invoices and keeping records of customers, product and warehouse inventory. This is what you can expect from Free Accounting and Billing Software available for the Windows platform. Some are completely freeware and require additional support software such as a database creator or manager while others are full-fledged systems with paid versions and added benefits.

1. Adminsoft Accounts

Adminsoft Accounts is free for a single user and offers accounting packages for midsized and smaller businesses with several useful features like Payment slips, Profit and Loss, Invoicing and Customer support. Manage inventories, suppliers, contacts, clients, personnel and banking with answers on customer relations, tax, discounts, shipping and much more. This comes with a freeware license and is actually quite compact and portable by nature letting you build a database on Visual FoxPro v6.

2. GnuCash

GnuCash is a free and capable software great for financial management and operates on Windows platform. It comes with an interface that might be a bit bland but presents in a user-friendly manner with access to online banking access, management of holdings such as investment, CDs, stock and more. Get tutorials on financial terminology and walk-through with a wizard that lets you setup your entire project on the fly.

3. NCH Express Invoice

Specifically catered towards small businesses, NCH Express Invoice is excellent for tracking bills, keeping invoices and so on. It provides plenty of useful options and a simple layout that is easy on the eye. Finance will become simpler with this software as it has clear labels and helpful onscreen instructions to guide users along the way. Some of the things you can do is extensive report running, warehouse inventory tracking, quotations and order forms. This is a freeware and installs on your average Windows desktop with a single folder and has a minute footprint.

4. Invoice Expert XE

If you want a light version of an accounting software for your small business then the Invoice Expert XE is ideal with its limited features and simplified invoicing system. It lets you establish tax settings, calculate taxes on products or invoices and at first glance while it may look cluttered, it is actually easy getting used to. Labelled toolbar with divided sections on Vendors, products, customers and invoices helps in navigation and quick creation of anything. The only drawback is that the Lite version does not provide access to import product or customer information.

5. BS1 Accounting

With BS1 Enterprise Accounting small businesses now have a means of keeping track of their accounting needs in a simple to use platform with a desktop toolbar access. The tutorial is detailed enough and yet easy to follow letting you get acclimatized with things such as Accounts Receivable and Account Payable, Sales, Inventory, Accounts and so on. The program also features a Filter feature that lets you search within various categories and overall, it is great for processing sales and purchase orders.