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Top 5 Best Free Webcam Software and Utilities for Windows

Webcams have now become an integral component of our internet life. In fact, all conferencing software automatically activate the webcam letting folks interface with video. What if you wanted to integrate all webcam activities under a single banner, have the ability to change video output, audio and even share your desktop? This is where Webcam software and utilities for Windows come into the big picture. They allow users to operate multiple video conference or chatting software and use the same webcam for all, they provide lot more flexibility by merging the webcam for the entire internet.

1. ManyCam

If you frequently use the webcam with Skype, Ustream, MSN and other apps at the same time you may want to do so with FreeCam installed. It lets you do much more with the webcam and microphone such as disguising voices, improving audio clarity, draw directly over the video window, give the screencast of your desktop to the viewer, give a screenshot of your desktop along with your image to one side and switch seamlessly between various video sources as required.

2. SplitCam

Usually a single app can use the video capture source but with SplitCamera the same source can be cloned and used to split capture two different apps. Basically, this app lets you multiply your single webcam into many simultaneously and use it to transmit on various apps together. It works with video cameras too. These then can be used with software such as MSN, Yahoo messenger, AIM, Pal Talk, Camfrog and Skype. The maximum limit for connections is 64 clients and you can even send your home videos while at it.

3. IP Camera Viewer

More of a surveillance software, IP Camera Viewer is actually more than just that. It is easy to setup and works great with any network IP camera. Keep a mobile eye on your parking space, office, home or anywhere you wish to and view multiple cameras at once. Compatibility is with a staggering 1500 models including USB cameras. Even configure individual camera frame rates, resolution and more.

4. Yawcam

Yet Another Webcam or in short – YawCam does what its name suggests. It lets you take snapshots, send snapshots, perform live video streaming, ftp uploading, and comes with a built in web server. The control panel is intuitive and simple with support for taking images and sharing the same in gif, jpg or png format. Can be protected with a password and provides date and time stamp for videos and images exchanged.

5. ScreenFaceCam

ScreenFaceCam allows users to record the entire desktop without the right hand corner video output of your webcam or with it as you choose including sound in full 1080p. The intuitive software even allows viewers to hide the screencast by hovering the mouse pointer over it such as while working on Facebook, Twitter and more. This is an ideal software for Windows platform to simplify screen sharing.