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How to Remove Duplicate Files in Windows Using Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

If you are storing lot of pictures, music files, and videos on your system, you might sometime end-up copying few of them to multiple folders on the same system.

If you forget to delete one of the duplicate files, over time, it will end-up taking up lot of space.

So, it is essential for you to scan for duplicate files and delete them on an on-going basis.

We recommend Auslogics Duplicate File Finder freeware, which is the best software to get this job done.

1. Select Folders and File Types

By default it will search for duplicate files across all the drives on your system. However you can choose which folder you want to search for duplicate using check-box as shown below.

Apart from selecting folders, you can also select what type of files you want to search. i.e Images, Audio files, Video files, Archives (ZIP, TAR, etc.), Applications, as shown below.

Auslogics Duplicate Finder Select File Types

2. Search criteria

It allows you to specify several search criteria. For example, you can ignore files smaller than a certain size, or you can ignore files larger than a certain size.

Auslogics Duplicate Finder Search Criteria

3. Fast Search Engine

Auslogics duplicate finder is one of the fastest finder. Its search engine is very powerful. Also, when it is searching for duplicate files, you can also pause the search temporarily, and resume later, or stop the serach all together using the “pause”, or “stop” button as shown below.

Auslogics Duplicate Finder Pause Stop

4. Display Results

Once the search is complete, it will display the total number of duplicate files found. It will also estimate how much space you’ll save if you delete all those duplicate files.

Auslogics Duplicate Finder Results

5. Delete Duplicate Files

You can delete the files in three different ways: 1) Send to recycle bin 2) Send to the rescue center 3) Delete permanently

Auslogics Duplicate Finder Delete Dup Files

6. Additional Options

When the output lists lot of files, you can sort them by name, size or date. When you are selecting files for deletion, you have multiple option:

  • Select Duplicates by modification date
  • Select one in each group
  • Select all duplicates in each group

7. Rescue Center

If you’ve sent the deleted files to rescue center, you can restore it back later if you need the deleted files for some reason. The recovery source menu under rescue center has two options 1) Backups and 2) Restore Points as shown below.

Auslogics Duplicate Finder Rescue Center

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  • GoodWare April 21, 2014, 10:44 pm

    Not better than Exact Duplicate Finder, that’s for sure..

  • Leonardo November 23, 2019, 9:45 pm

    I was starting to like this software but then one stupid thing… I was organizing my external hard disk which is encrypted with my personal files and I had lots of duplicate files because it was just easier to backup my entire SDs than go after only the new files… and when I chose to delete to the Rescue Center it started to copy my files to my internal SSD without checking space nor if it was secure.. so I ended up with my laptop internal SSD full and all my secure files on my unsecure laptop … stupid programmer .. why not use the same HD?