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Top 5 Best Free Streaming Media Recorder for Windows

A streaming media recorder is an application that helps users grab or record videos, audio files or presentations (basically any kind of data) from media sharing websites such as DailyMotion, Yahoo, Metacafe, YouTube and others. With a streaming media recorder, users can download videos, songs and music at their convenience and watch it offline without needing to convert or edit the files. It is as simple as recording a streaming video from the internet, storing it on your PC and watching it later. Powerful suites even help convert website video files into formats suitable for portable devices allowing users to watch it anytime and anywhere.

1. VLC Media Player

More of a media player, the VLC media player is an open source freeware that is capable of playing thousands of formats, can be configured and customized according to user requirements. VLC manages to stay ahead of the competition thanks to its plethora of features and dependable performance with a simple interface. Best of all, this player works with all online stream formats and comes with synchronization effects, graphic equalizer, dynamic range compression, audio spatializer tool and much more. Play flash videos, DVDs, CDs, MP3, WAV and more.

2. CamStudio

CamStudio isn’t the most advanced solution out there but it does offer the basics in a tiny and sturdy app interface. It will faithfully record anything onto your PC if it is in SWF or AVI format. Then there are a few more features that help capture sound, automatically pan and more. It also allows users to leave time stamp, territorial watermarks and more in videos, annotate and append videos too with comments. As a freeware, CamStudio isn’t exactly comparable to its commercial counterparts but is well worth the investment for making quick screenshots and demos.

3. Debut Video Capture

Compatible with various formats, Debut Video Capture helps record video or any image onto your PC either from the screen, USB video device or digital camera or webcam. It has a simple interface that offers preview of the recording, uses three simple buttons to make all its captures. Basically, this is a simple solution to streaming media capture. Recordings can be saved in various formats, either in the native format or a user defined setting. Best of all, this application helps upload videos and more through an FTP server directly after recording. The only thing missing is an embedded player.

4. JetAudio Basic

JetAudio Basic is actually a software developed by Cowon for its range of mp3 players and devices. This free player is available for all Windows users and it offers video conversion, audio playback, CD ripping and burning, skins, internet broadcasting, sound recording and much more. The latest version now sports an integrated GUI and an optional Media Center interface. Compared to typical players, it is much more substantial with an explorer type layout that provides plenty of navigational power for portable devices and your personal computer. Moreover, the first time you run JetAudio, it scans the entire computer for all media files.

5. Audacity

Audacity is more of an audio editor with a clean interface and plenty of exciting features. It provides native support for 32 bit floating point audio and is both flexible and feature rich. The work space and tool bar isn’t cluttered at all and most of the options are neatly arranged in drop down menus. This media software provides support for mp3, OGG, AIFF and WAV formats with effects such as compression, delay, reverb, VST and more. The performance is fluid and exciting although it is at times CPU intensive.