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Top 5 Best Free eMail Spam Filters for Windows

Spam is any email or otherwise web based information that wasn’t solicited for. Just opening an email account today isn’t enough. Advertisers, spammers and scrupulous websites love blasting users with unnecessary emails trying to get them to click on ads, banners and unknowingly download Trojans, viruses and much more. A Spam filter helps check emails before they enter the computer, categorize and quarantine mails that appear to be spams. Based on algorithms and particular criteria a spam filter for windows classifies emails and groups them together into various headings. They are also great for classifying incoming email based on priority basis.

1. MailWasher Free

Get rid of spam and any incoming viruses through e-mails to your computer with MailWasher. This software lets you preview all your emails even before they are downloaded from the server to your computer thus preventing possible phishing attacks, viruses and spam. Delete whatever seems funny to you and let the legit emails come through. It also helps in detecting and deleting specific viruses and some worms. The latest edition comes with a better layout, HTML display and mobile version too.

2. Spamihilator

The Spamihilator is a spam buster that acts as a screen between your computer and your email server, sorting the spam, scanning all incoming mails and learning along the way to ensure complete protection for IMAP and POP3 accounts. A brand new installation requires a bit of help in understanding what constitutes a spam for you and after a few trial runs, it automatically learns spam settings of your own choice and filters subsequent mails accordingly. All filtered mails are sent to the trash can of your email client and the rest is rerouted to your POP3 or IMAP interface such as Thunderbird.

3. POPFile

A simple and intuitive interface reminiscent of the old Windows 98 times greets users providing them with all necessary gadgets and gizmos to fight off spamware. Automatic email classification is what POPfile is all about. It does this auto filtering using Bayesian mathematics and works great with POP3 emails and uses a web based interface. Initially, it needs a lot of learning but over time, it grows and becomes self sustaining, knowing when and where to place which incoming mail.

4. K9

K9 is a free internet spam filter that provides plenty of customization options using a web based control panel. Total of 50 categories helps organize websites, your email categories and more. It even learns your preferences as you work more with it. Great for a complete internet security system, it also acts as a decent email spam filter before emails enter your computer.

5. Spamato

Spamato is an IMAP and POP accounts filter for spam that otherwise filters inside the computer. It has a high precision in picking up spam content and comes as plug-ins for various open source platforms as well as Outlook. A plethora of options lets users configure it exactly as they want the spam filter to operate. This is a standalone proxy email spam filter but works only as a add-on on specific platforms.