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Top 5 Best Free Resume Builder Software for Windows

A resume today can make or break your interview but not all of us are well versed in the art of resume and CV writing. To help you along, make that perfect first impression the moment you walk into an interview here are a few resume builders. These apps or rather tools, whether web based or installable, come with predesigned templates and simply ask questions. Based on your answers, they populate a readymade resume and sometimes even help make cover letters or search and shortlist jobs from the job market. Consider them your personal job seeking assistant.

1. Free Resume Builder

The Free Resume Builder helps prepare resumes even if you don’t have the slightest idea on how to do so using a seven step process. The end result is a well structured and formatted resume with all the right details at the right place. The installation itself takes little time and once done it can be populated immediately with school history, experience and so on. After the resume is complete, the document can be exported out as a PDF or DOC. Simple and light, this tool is perfect for folks with limited time.

2. Career Igniter Resume Builder

This resume builder from Career Igniter is a solution for folks who haven’t any clue on how to make one. It only requires you to fill in details such as objectives, education and certifications, contact and personal information with work experience and skills or references to generate a resume downloadable in the word format. The idea behind the conception of this tool is to help freshers and experienced pros alike create a compelling and easy to read resume.

3. CVitae

With Cvitae you can prepare cover letters, resumes and basically anything required to land that perfect job. This is a freeware that stands out from the rest with its simple interface and equally easy applicability. It comes with multiple templates so no two resumes look alike and with the cover letter and CV writing process separated from each other, you make two compelling pieces of documents. The end result is a personalized, professional, clear and ready to use documents. An excellent addition is to capture jobs found online in your contact list so as to follow up later on.

4. Resume Builder and Job Search Manager

The Job Search and Resume Manager is not just free but also protected by a password to help job seekers perform a variety of functions using the wizard type tools and resources. It can help make some of the best resumes and references with the ability to attach certifications and more. You can even get a proactive background check done but that comes under the paid edition of the tool. It does perform a job search but is only restricted to US listings and local newspapers.

5. Ezee CV – Resume

With a choice of three different forms, it is rather easy making a quick resume with Ezee-CV. This freeware is light on the computer hardware and helps make resumes by filling forms. Type in the textboxes provided and fill out the information requested such as educational qualifications, career plan and so on. Once done, preview the same in six styles and finally decide on the font from five choices. Total customization with an easy interface makes this fun to use.