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Free Photoscape Image Editor Software Review for Windows 7

Photoscape is a freeware image editing software which is packed with all the basic features of photo editing and enhancing. This software has intuitive and attractive user interface which makes it easy and fun to use even for beginners. It is embedded with powerful features which can not only edit pictures but also create slideshows, animated GIFs, capture screenshots and much more. Users need to put attention while installing as it tries to drop third party software which are not required. All in all photoscape is an excellent software for basic photo editing and enhancement. This application is fun to work with and light on system resources.

What is new in this Version?

  • Improvements in user interface.
  • Sorting bug in folder list and other minor bugs have been fixed.
  • Added support for RAW files.
  • Default saving folders for Page, Combine and Animated GIF tabs are upgraded.

1. View and Edit

For viewing a picture with photoscape, you just need to click on photo viewer and locate the picture. You can rotate, delete, zoom or print the picture and even create slideshow with the viewer. For editing a picture, drop the picture in editor. You have multiple options to select for cropping, resizing, color adjusting etc. You have different options like home, object, crop and tools. You can select figures from objects and different tools from tool option. Tools option contains paint brush, clone stamp, effect brush, red eye removal etc. Then you have batch editor for editing multiple photos. You can also apply filters like auto level, sharpen. auto contrast, bright, darken, decolor and many more from filter option in batch editor. Then you can add text to multiple pictures by selecting the option “object” and choosing the picture number. After making changes, you need to click on convert all and save.

2. Combine, Split and Merge Pictures

With photoscape, you can easily combine different images vertically or horizontally and convert it into one final picture as shown in screenshot. You can split a picture into several pieces with splitter as well as join them and that too very easily. You can also merge different images into a page to make one final page as shown in the screenshot below.

3. Animated GIF

This is a very interesting feature as you can create a final animated photo which works like a repetitive slide show. You need to drop the images into animated GIF window and do resizing, coloring etc. After that set their display time like if you set .50 secs, pictures will start changing after every 50 seconds and seem like a video is going on.

4. Screen Capture, Rename and Convert

You can capture screenshots with this application and save it. Just click on the screen capture option and capture full screen, window or selected region from the options. You can rename the picture by clicking in rename option and writing down the new name in the window. Then you have converting option with RAW converter where you can convert photos taken from DSLR camera from RAW to JPG.

5. Color Picker, Print and Paper Print

With color picker, you can zoom in on images by selecting the pen filler and pick different colors for your images. Then you have paper print where you can print lined, graph or different types of papers. With the print option, you can print portraits and whatever you want.