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Pegasus Mail (Free Email Client) v4.63 Review for Windows 7

Pegasus Mail is one of the most powerful, feature rich and secure email client available for Windows. This small and fast program notifies you whenever a new mail arrives on your computer and can support multiple users on a single computer. It is a complete internal mail system which can send and receive e-mails on its own. This program uses standard protocols like SMTP, IMAP and POP3. This freeware utility is quite easy to use and is embedded with all the required wonderful features to make it one of the best email client in the market.

What is new in this Version?

  • Various small changes, bug fixes and corrections have been done.
  • Internal as well as external modifications to make this version more stable.

1. Highly Secure

Pegasus mail is very stable and protects you from various trojans, bugs, virus etc. This software is immunized to intruders which can threaten you. So it keeps you secure online as well as offline.

2. Filteration

Pegasus mail has a powerful mail filtering system which is also called automated rule-based filtering. Bayesian filter automatically sends spam in the junk folder and its content control helps you in setting rules for trapping spam and unwanted mails.

3. Different Modes

Pegasus mail allows you to view your mails in different modes or switch between them easily. For example you can view your folders in multi-pane mode or in classic mode or in both.

4. Support for Multiple Identities and Users

Pegasus mail supports multiple users on the single computer as well as on networks and supports multiple identities too.

5. Support for Various Protocols

Pegasus mail supports almost all the popular mail related protocols like POP3, SMTP, IMAP4, PH, LDAP, MIME and SSL support on all protocols for mail security.

6. Other Features

Powerful address book, support for Novell NetWare LANs, sorting of mails, colour schemes for highlighting important messages, attachments can be directly viewed, fine template interface, read and compose mail offline, full DDE interface, drag and drop from desktop, notepads, automatic hyperlinking, selectable toolbars, noticeboards and much more.