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Top 5 Best Free PDF Readers for Windows

PDF files are the easiest way to secure documents and share them over the internet. They are harder to manipulate and difficult to add malicious codes. This makes them the single most useful format for file sharing and as such Free PDF readers enable users to open such files. Unfortunately Microsoft Office and such kind of programs cannot read or access PDF files but a PDF reader can do just that, convert into other file formats, add signatures, make comments and perform intuitive searches through the document. Here are a few cherry picked winners that you must consider.

1. Foxit Reader

Fully featured, the Foxit Reader can print, sign, edit, open and create complete PDF files. Not only is it secure and fast but also quiet easy on system resources leaving nothing out to guesswork. While it can become the default PDF tool, it works equally well alongside many other leading PDF tools such as Adobe. It features an Office Ribbon style toolbar, ability to create from blank, clipboard, scanner and more saving with comment’s tab. Best of all it is free to own.

2. Adobe Reader

Considered as the standard for all PDF tools, Adobe Acrobat comes in the free and paid version. The free version lets you open and read PDFs but to edit you will need the paid version. It can even make PDF files and sign documents electronically. It intuitively opens up in web browsers and making new PDF files is easy thanks to the Wizard setup. Some additional features include the Read Out Loud tool, comment addition and such.

3. Nitro PDF Reader

Nitro PDF Reader can understand over 300 various formats, collaborate, add review and comments to existing files all the while saving as a PDF version. You can add signatures using scan copies with QuickSign, return documents in a jiffy and make new ones. Everything is so easy thanks to the Office style Ribbon interface now a part of Nitro PDF. The QAT or Quick Access Toolbar adds additional features or rather shortcuts previously non-existant.

4. Sumatra PDF

Less is really much more. With the Sumatra PDF viewer this is absolutely true. Totally lightweight, the PDF reader lets you see only those features that you will use most of the time. Intuitive in its interface, with limited menus, a simple toolbar on top it lets you zoom in and out or enter book reading version in a jiffy. Anything that you need is present and best of all, it is totally free to use with no hidden costs.

5. Nuance PDF Reader

Nuance PDF Reader now comes with more improved features such as converting PDF into editable formats using hosted services, multi-layer file viewing, smarter search and more. Find exactly what you are looking for in a file through the smart search be it multimedia, social security numbers or more. Best of all, see all graphics in the document without leaving Nuance PDF Reader. This and much more is available all for free.

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