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Top 13 Best Free Online Cloud Storage Providers for Windows

If you are using multiple devices (phone, laptop, workstation, etc), you don’t want your document to be locked up in one device.

Using cloud storage, we can access all our saved data from any device regardless of various OS (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, etc).

We can save the data to cloud storage drives using web browser versions, by installing cloud drive on your device, which will sync our device whenever you connect to Internet. You can also drag and drop your files to the cloud storage drives to upload automatically.

The following are the most popular free cloud storage:

1.Google Drive

  • Name: Google drive
  • Free storage space: 5GB(Drive)
  • Application available for: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.
  • Application download link: http://drive.google.com

After installing you can find the G-drive folder in your desktop and in your user profile folder.

Extra storage:

  • 100GB $1.99/Month
  • 1TB $9.99/Month
  • 10TB $99.99/Month
  • 20TB $199.99/Month
  • 30TB $299.99/Month

Uploading file size limit:

  • Google documents:
  • Documents files 50MB
  • Spreadsheet Files 100MB
  • Presentation Files 50MB
  • Other files: 5TB each file

Only photos over 2048×2048 pixels and videos longer than 15 minutes count toward your storage limit. Our Google documents and PDFs or any other document made with Google will not be countable in Google drive memory.


The following items don’t count toward your storage limit: Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Presentations, Drawings, and files that others have shared with you. Google drive is most popular product in cloud drive. Google provides 5GB free space for Drive. The total free space provided by Google is 15GB as other services like Email and Google+. We can access file while we are in offline by change the settings in Google drive. Google drive provides option to save the cloud drive files in our device, by increasing the Drive cache memory size.


Open settings page->And change the cache file size limit as per your requirement. To make files available in offline also change this following settings. Long press the files it will popup the options window -> select the keep on this option. Or, choose file and select file options-> Change the files setting keep on this device option On.

2. One Drive

  • Name: One Drive
  • Free storage space: 15GB
  • Application available for: Windows phone, Xbox, iOS, Android, Windows Tablet, Mac, Windows
  • Application download link: https://onedrive.live.com/
  • Extra storage:
  • 100GB $1.99 / Month
  • 200GB $3.99 / Month

Office 365 Home includes 1 TB of One Drive storage for each household member (up to 5 users can use) and the latest Office applications for 5 PCs or Macs and 5 tablets.


Uploading file size limit: 2GB

One drive is Microsoft product it can be accessed through our hotmail ID. One drive providing 15GB free space and we can get extra 5GB by referring friends. By referring a friend both of you will receive an extra +500 MB.,Refer up to 10 friends for a maximum of 5 GB.

3. Amazon Cloud Drive

Extra storage:

  • 20GB $10.00/year
  • 50GB $25.00/year
  • 100GB $50.00/year
  • 200GB $100.00/year
  • 500GB $250.00/year
  • 1000GB $500.00/year

Upload file size limit: File upload size is limited to 2 GB per file.


Amazon cloud drive is provided by the Amazon company, It has many business entity Like books, kindles, MP3 and online shopping’s etc. We can save all our Amazon market products likes books, Songs, Videos in Amazon cloud drive. When you purchasing Kindle files from Amazon Online it will automatically saved to your drive.

4. Dropbox

  • Name: Dropbox
  • Free storage space:2GB
  • Application available for : Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS Black berry
  • Application download link: https://www.dropbox.com/
  • Extra storage: 100GB $9.99 /Month or 99.00 /Year
  • Uploading file size limit:
  • If you are using 2GB free plan then uploading file size should be smaller than 2GB
  • If you are using additional size like 100GB then file size limit should be 10GB

We can gain additional 16GB free space from Dropbox by referring friends. It will provide 500MB free space for each and every friend reference, But we can get only up to 16GB by friend reference options. Dropbox is best online cloud storage it supports all kinds of OS plat forms.

5. Box

  • Name: Box
  • Free storage space:10GB
  • Application available for: Windows, Mac, Web, Android, iOS, BlackBerry
  • Application download link: https:/app.box.com/login/
  • App download link will available after logging in to your account.

Extra storage:

  • 100GB $5.00 /Month (Starter plan shared space with 10 users)
  • Unlimited storage$15 /Month (Business -shared with minimum 5 users)
  • Unlimited storage $35 /Month (Enterprise-user limit will be customized as per our requirement)

Uploading file size limit:

  • Free plan: 250MB
  • Starter plan: 2GB
  • Business plan: 5GB
  • Enterprise plan: 5GB

Box Cloud storage is best for business use, as it provides many administration features like Active directory single sign on(SSO).

6. Spideroak

  • Name: Spideroak
  • Free storage space:2GB
  • Application available for :Windows,Mac , Linux 32and 64bit, Android,iOS
  • Application download link: https://spideroak.com/opendownload/
  • Extra storage: 100GB $10 /Month
  • Uploading file size limit: No file size limit.

The working principle of the Spideroak is different comparing to the other drives. Your data can be read only through in your devices which are synchronized with Spideroak.

7. Mediafire

  • Name: Mediafire
  • Free storage space: 10GB
  • Application available for : Windows, OS X, Linux
  • Application download link: https://www.mediafire.com/software/desktop/
  • Extra storage:
  • 1TB $2.49/Month
  • 100TB $24.99/Month
  • Uploading file size limit: 20GB per file in premium plan.

Will get additional storage by referring friends, For each friend referral will get 1GB additional space, We can get maximum 32GB by referral options.

8. Symform

Extra storage:

  • 100GB $10.00/Month
  • 200GB $20.00/Month
  • 500GB $50.00/Month
  • 1TB $100.00/Month

Uploading file size limit:No file size limit.


9. Syncplicity

  • Name: Sycplicity
  • Free storage space:2GB
  • Application available for : Windows, Mac, iOS,Android
  • Application download link: https://my.syncplicity.com/Client/Windows/
  • Extra storage: 50GB$15/Month
  • Uploading file size limit: Unlimited

10. MEGA

  • Name: Mega
  • Free storage space: 50GB
  • Application available for : Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Black berry,
  • Application download link: https://mega.co.nz/#mobile
  • Extra storage:
  • 500GB $9.99 /Month
  • 2TB $19.99 /Month
  • 4TB $29.99 /Month
  • Uploading file size limit: No file size limit.

11. Copy

  • Name: Copy
  • Free storage space: 15GB
  • Application available for : Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android.
  • Application download link: https://www.copy.com/
  • Extra storage:
  • 250GB $9.99 /Moth
  • 500GB $14.99/Month
  • Uploading file size limit: No file size limit

12. Degoo

  • Name: Degoo
  • Free storage space:100GB
  • Application available for : Windows, Mac OS,
  • Application download link: https://degoo.com/download
  • Uploading file size limit: No file size limit

Only for system backup and restore, We can take system backup and store in online


13. Bitcasa

  • Name: Bitcasa
  • Free storage space: 5GB (We can get additional 15GB space by referring friends)
  • Application available for : Windows, Linux,Mac, Android,iOS,
  • Application download link: https://www.bitcasa.com
  • Extra storage:
  • 1TBGB $10/Month,(Premium plan),
  • 5TB $49.0/Month(Pro Plan)
  • Unlimited storage $99.00/month(Infinite plan)
  • Uploading file size limit: No file size limit

Bitcasa Cloud drive providing 5GB free space at starting. We can gain additional free space by friend referring options, For each friend referring we will get additional 1GB free space, we can gain up to 15GB by friend referral .

Bitcasa providing additional free space by other options like:

  • For downloading Bitcasa Desktop application 500MB free space
  • For downloading Bitcasa Mobile application 500MB Free space
  • Connecting to Facebook account 250MB

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  • Neeraj September 8, 2014, 7:24 am

    Hi Ramesh,

    Saw this article in your monthly e-mail so came on over to browse…

    I use Google Drive extensively since my employer is on Google Apps and I, too, have various Gmail accounts.

    Have known about and used to a lesser extent, OneDrive and Box. Hate DropBox because it is the stingiest of the lot, offering the least amount of free space and little support on Linux. Am registered with Amazon but not used it much – I guess, it’s part of the AWS account or if you’ve ever shopped on Amazon. BTW, you’ve consistently MISSPELLED Amazon as AmazonE – a little proofreading would greatly enhance your article(s).

    Of the others, I’ve heard about Mediafire which is popular with file-sharers and on forums. Saw an ad for Copy and signed up. But the others, I found out about only by reading your article.

    With such a proliferation of cloud service providers, (a) there is a crying need for an aggregation or consolidation service provider, and (b) by consolidating all the free quotas of all these services, most of us individuals and small businesses could avail around a few hundred GB of cloud storage without any cost.

  • Attie Claassens January 13, 2015, 2:18 am

    good info