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Top 5 Best Free Online Tax Software Services for Windows

Filing for tax, staying abreast with changing federal tax return laws and just handling everything related to tax does take its toll on one’s mind and body. Tax software today not only handle the filing but also help prepare everything, perform crosschecks and error scrutiny to ensure that IRS and every other abbreviated department is happy with your tax documents. Never again lose money or forget filing for returns with these tools, they are annually updated and are in adherence with federal tax regulations. Please note that these services offer only federal return for free. But, state returns filing are reasonably priced.

1. TaxAct Free Edition

TaxACT Free Edition is a platform that helps prepare basic tax summaries and to also electronically file federal income tax returns. It provides guidance with step by step instructions, which not only covers taxes but also refunds and deductions. Moreover, with live help from TaxACT Answer Center you will never again have to worry about filing for tax or returns. Compatible with all Windows versions and in adherence with US Tax Codes, this is the go-to software for good citizens of today.

2. TurboTax Federal Free Edition

With TurboTax Federal Free Edition you don’t need to know about various tax stuffs. Just gather all your W-2s and other documents, it asks the questions and you fill in the data from your documents for anything and everything. In fact, tax deductions are easy to compute because of the question answer format. When in doubt get immediate assistance over the phone or by chat, talk to experts and CPAs. Finally, when ready to file for taxes, the system automatically does error checks to ensure that your return filings are accurate and you aren’t triggering an audit.

3. H&R Block Free Edition

With the H&R Block Free Edition, filing for tax is super easy. No more worries for rental property owners, self-employed individuals with advanced tax calculations or tax advice. This software assures quick calculations, ready reimbursement details so much so that if you face IRS penalties or interest charges then it refund some of the money back. This edition comes with tax Preparation, e-filing, printing, and one free session of live tax advice using email or chat.

4. TaxSlayer Free Federal Edition

This is the Free Online Tax Filing system that assures Guaranteed max refund and immaculate filings. Easy to use, you really do not need to have any advanced tax knowledge to use it. The free edition lacks the live phone support otherwise it provides everything else including videos that teach on tax filing and explanations to help you better tackle tax complications. And once you are ready to file, most of these services can do a free check for you, tracking missing data, errors on returns and other stuff so as to never get your refunds delayed by the IRS.

5. Tax Hawk

Made in the US, for US citizens, the Tax Hawk offers e-filing when available with IRS, direct deposit, accuracy assurance or money refund to a certain value lost, backup of return filings and plenty more. With free customer service available to any visitor at any time of the day, they are the best in terms of customer satisfaction. Get all your answers within 24 hours of asking questions and opening an account with them takes no more than a few minutes and it is free.