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Top 5 Best Free Email Clients for Windows

Probably you are checking your emails directly from a browser using webmail of your email provider, which is good enough for most situations. But, an email client software can still prove more beneficial and useful. For one, an email client is a dedicated email management software that will allow you to access your emails even when offline. It allows you to easily manage multiple accounts and lets you stay organized. If you are looking for a reliable desktop email client similar to outlook, and an effective tool for managing archives and web mail offline while ensuring high privacy and security then we have come up with the Top 5 Free Email Software for Windows that will meet your email requirements.

1. Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the most popular desktop-based email clients. It is quick to load, feature-packed and very functional. Thunderbird has good junk mail filters, a built-in RSS feeder, and multiple POP and IMAP email accounts. You can also customize email formats the way you want with a lot of add-ons to choose from.

2. Opera

Opera is an email client built into your browser. It has smart spam filter that adjust automatically to your preferences and also automatically sorts emails from different mailing lists. You can also access emails even when offline.

3. Pegasus

Pegasus mail is generally one of the best email client providers. It is highly versatile and secure with its powerful filters. It also has built-in email encryption, supports bulk mailing and offers both rich HTML and automatic plan text formatting. It also comes with animated mail notifiers, 3D effects and animations.

4. Mulberry

Mulberry comes with an excellent editor and versatile filters. It is highly customizable and offers flexible message templates. It gurantees privacy and provides strong security.

5. Incredimail

Incredimail is a user friendly email client that is fun to use. It does not only protect your email from spam and phishing but it also allows you to have fun while doing your thing with its large collection of stationary, animations, emoticons and sounds.