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How to Erase All History on Android OS using History Eraser App

History Eraser bi Infolife LLC is one of the best history removing tools for android devices which can clean up all the history of apps in one click. Root permission is not required, it smoothly works on non rooted devices. This application is very easy to use and enables you to easily free up the internal storage of your device, hence making the space for further storage. This is more or less like ccleaner software for computer which erases internet history and other unwanted files to optimize your PC. Similarly, history eraser optimizes your android device and helps you in protecting your privacy.

What is new in this Version?

  • A bug of auto startup is fixed.
  • Added a function of following us.
  • Cache size is updated immediately after clear cache.

1. Clear Text Messages

This application clears up all the text messages in your phone at one tap. You can even select out of the options if you want to clear only certain type of messages. For example, this app offers you four different types like sent SMS/MMS, received SMS/MMS, Failed SMS/MMS and SMS/MMS draft. Now you can select and clear all of them at one go or if you wish to keep some, you can unselect that type. You can even perform auto select which will automatically clear your text messages when screen is off. You also have an option for not deleting locked/protected messages.

2. Clear Internet History

History Eraser does all that it says, it clears off all the internet history from your phone. You can select from the options for which all internet history you want to clear like browser history, Google Play search, Gmail search, Google Map search, clipboard data history, Youtube search, search shortcuts etc.

3. Clear All App Cache Files

Cache files are the duplicate files with original values which gets stored elsewhere your phone and consume internal memory of your phone. History Eraser can remove these unwanted files at one go and clears off the junk from the phone. This makes phone’s functioning smoother and problem free.

4. Clear Call Log and Frequently Called

This application can clear a long list in of numbers in your call log at on single tap and that too so quickly. It gives you four options like Frequently called, Missed call, Incoming call and Outgoing call, you can select all of them to be removed or if you want certain category of calls to stay in your call log, you can uncheck that type.

5. Clear Clipboard Data

Clipboard data is the data stored in clipboard. Clipboard is software program that stores short-term data or data transfer between applications through copy and paste operation. History Eraser will search for all such data quickly and remove it in seconds. All you need to do is, tap check on clipboard data and perform clear.

6. Clear Market Search History

You search so many apps in android market if you are an app freak. Now, if you want to keep it private and don’t want anyone to observe what you are searching for, you can simply clear that off with history eraser.


This application has access to:

  • Messages: Allows the app to read and write to messages stored on your phone, tablet or SIM card due to which malicious apps may read your confidential messages or even delete them.
  • Network Communication: Allows the app to have full internet access.
  • Personal Information: Allows the app to read log data which can give general information about what you are doing with the phone, your private and personal information. It allows the app read and write your contact data due to which malicious apps can modify or erase your contact or address data.
  • Phone Calls: Allows the app to access phone features like determining the phone number, serial number, whether the call is active and much more.
  • System Tools: Allows the app to free tablet or phone storage by deleting files in app cache file. It also allows app to self-start at the boot.