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XnView Free Image Viewer and Editor Review for Windows

XnView is one of the best photo conversion software kits for media enthusiasts on the market today, even though it may not be one of the more well known brands. While still relatively new, it’s becoming more and more popular due to its amazing range of capabilities. If you haven’t tried it out yet, you should – but not before finding out how easy it is to use. Here’s what everyone should know about what XnView does.

Image Preview

It gives you very detailed information about your images. You can learn about an image’s name, age, size, and file type just by looking at the preview. Changing from a JPEG to another image standard is easy, and lossless. JPEG conversions are known for being difficult to do without some major loss in the quality of the photo, especially if you use a bad program like MS Paint to convert your files. You don’t have to worry about difficult options with JPEG conversion anymore, nor do you have to worry about a loss of quality due to poor conversions.

Take Screenshot

You can tag people in your photos. Just like with Facebook, XnView allows users to tag people in photographs, making it easier to organize large groups of photos with a single click. XnView can take screenshots for you. This is a favorite feature of graphic designers, webpage designers, as well as photographers who want to go over issues with their clientele by showing them exactly what they see on the screen. You can shoot your entire computer desktop screen, or you can shoot a simple window. It’s all up to you.

Create a webpage/template

You can create a webpage for photos using the templates provided.

Photo Filters

Professional photographers love XnView’s amazingly detailed photograph information. Knowing the precise details of the technique, lighting, and shutter speed that you used to get some of your best pictures is one of the quickest ways to develop an amazing photography style of your own. You are able to catalog all the important details (and then some) from your latest photoshoot with XnView – from the shoot date to the ISO speed settings to the exposure time. Perfecting your photography has never been easier. You can filter your files if you need to. Need to work on a specific file, or a portion of a specific file? XnView makes it easy to make your work easier. Filters are also excellent for photographers who want to do quick special effects for their clientele. You can use XnView’s Photoshop-like tools to improve the quality of your photos on a budget. Don’t have Photoshop? XnView comes with a lot of different tools, such as PhotoMasque, Paint, and Filter to help you ge the most out of your photo editing experience. Better still, it doesn’t cost as much as Photoshop.

Various Image Formats

You can view photographs in HEX mode for editing purposes. This is an excellent tool for editors who really want to make sure they get their color editing correct the first time around. You can use XnView to make a lot of different formats of the same picture. You have a lot of different ways to view and convert files in XnView. JPEG to GIF? No problem, and you can even make a BMP of the same image at the same time of conversion, too. You can make multiple copies of the same photo with different formats for each copy in a pinch.