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How To Browse Internet with UC Browser WP8 App on Windows Phone

UC Browser WP8 app is probably the best browser that you can use on your Windows Phone. The following are some highlights of the UC Browser app.

1. Different Browsing Modes

It has a convenient way to access your favorite sites with just a tap.

You can browse in full-screen mode, and conveniently keep track of your downloads. Night mode is a feature to be used while browsing in the dark.

2. Helpful Tools Menu

You can adjust the brightness in night mode to suit your comfort, or set to default (automatic).

The Tools menu provides options allowing you to scan QR codes, cache online videos on selected websites and watch them later on your phone with/without an internet connection, access Wi-Fi and data connection settings and the Help directory.

3. Tabbed Browsing

You can open up to 9 tabs while browsing on UC Browser.

You can download and set different themes to the application, making it visually appealing and versatile.

4. Text Only Mode, Incognito Browsing

A variety of customizable settings are available to change font appearance, image quality, view etc. You can even customize the way passwords and forms are saved.

Other options include text-only mode (view only text without downloading images from the website), Incognito browsing (browse in stealth mode) and visit as PC (experience the full features of web-pages like on your desktop computer).

5. My Collections View

Site Nav is an organized list of frequently visited and famous sites, using which you can visit sites of your curiosity by just tapping the category you are interested in.

In My Collection, you can comprehensively view your bookmarks, browsing history, downloads, cache, themes etc.