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Top 5 Best Free Windows Application Launchers

For years, there have been numerous complaints about the quality, or lack thereof, of the Windows layout and how difficult it can be to organise your machine and get simple access to your most used features. However, there is a variety of pages out there which provide you with the features you need to make your Windows experience much more enjoyable. These applications give you a simple, clean way to use your Windows machine without having to wait for loading or go on long searches to find what you need.

1. RocketDock

This simple launcher tool gives you a very nicely animated, and easy to use application launcher. With a clean interface which makes adding and customising shortucts a complete breeze, you can add just about any file type to the dock and load it within seconds.

With taskbar support included, your open files are minimised onto the dock where you can see what they are doing in the background. This allows for much easier productivity as you aren’t left waiting for processes to finish, and it makes your whole machine much easier to access and use.

2. WinLaunch

WinLaunch gives Widows users a Mac-style interface to use, as most people agree that although Windows is ahead in functionality and power, Macs are still the kings of usability. It perfects the Mac look and feel seamlessly, it comes with the option for touchscreen support and even supports Windows 8!

You can have instant access to all of your most commonly used applications and files at the click of a button, from any location! With a variety of customisable options and simple usability features, this awesome Launcher comes with both looks and functionality!

3. Circle Dock

This multi-language application launcher is one of the most aesthetically pleasing – much like a Weapons Wheel in most common games today, it’s a very easy to use and customise app launcher which provides you with a much quicker access to all of your favourite documents and files. With a drag and drop functionality, full customisation could not be simpler and with support for Windows 8 and for multiple displays, this versatile piece of software makes great use of icons to make everything as simple as possible to use.

4. XWindows Dock

XWindows Dock is one of the most functional and customisable application launchers out there. With multi-monitor support, awesome customer service and a really efficient update system, it works on both 32-bit and 64-bit machines and is so simple to edit, it’s quite ridiculous.

With a variety of plug-ins out there for download, you can really add to the launcher and give it the look and feel that you desire – it’s basic beginnings can really be attuned to your very needs, making it extremely useful and easy to get to use. Never lose another document or file again with this brilliant application launcher!

5. Launchy

This cross-platform piece of software makes doing everything the same on each machine even easier than ever. Launchy automatically indexes all of your most commonly used programs in your Start Menu, and the keyboard functionality makes launching what you need a piece of cake.

By assigning your most commonly used tools by keystrokes, then you can make it very simple to open and close the software and documents you want to use – just make sure you don’t use single letter keystrokes! With the ability to add anything on your PC on here as a keystroke, you can really just run your PC from the comfort of your keyboard using this great piece of software.