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Top 5 Best Free Popup Blocker Software for Windows

A pop-up blocker is a program designed to stop pop-up windows, ads and other related applications from appearing on your computer screen when browsing online. This program is used to ensure that computers are protected against unwanted applications, keep your online privacy safe and make Web browsing more productive. Aside from blocking pop-ups, a lot of pop-up blockers can also bar banner or flash ads in websites, defend computers from scripting exploits and restrain malicious cookies from your computer system. There are programs in this software category that work as standalone applications while others act as plug-ins for browsers.

1. Maxthon

Aside from having the most seamless features of the Maxthon Cloud browser, it also comes with top of the line security and privacy functionality. Being in the cloud makes it easy for Maxthon users to keep their browsing activities in a continuous experience without the limitation of being tied to a single operating system or device. As a pop-up blocker, it automatically stops malicious websites and phishing activities for the user. When browsing the Web, it identifies different websites to let you know if they are secure to visit. If you don’t want your browsing history to be tracked, Maxthon allows you to conveniently launch a browsing session privately.

2. Microsoft Security Essentials

A free antivirus program as long as you have a genuine copy of Windows. With the Microsoft Security Essentials, the company wants to guard Windows users against spyware, malware, viruses and any other malicious software. It also runs quietly in the background, with Microsoft aiming to make it as minimally effective as much as possible during performance. It is a user-friendly security suite that also functions as a pop-blocker whenever the need arises. Security Essentials make navigation simple and organized, saving the user time and effort in securing his computer against pop ups.

3. Pop-Up Stopper

Panicware, the owner of the Pop-Up Stopper Free Edition aims to make this software your go-to app whenever you need a power ad blocker. And as long as donations continue, they will also provide the Pop-Up Stopper to users for free. For its features, there’s the user friendly interface with quick access to your Preferences, Privacy Report and identity theft risk assessment. Plus, the software lets you disable the blocking whenever you need to, quite easily. Just double click the system tray icon and when you want to activate it back, you can right click the white hand on your system tray for instant access.

4. Avant Browser

Boasting of decent performance as a browser, it comes with a sort of built-in security feature which includes a pop-up blocker. Although way behind from other highly ranked online browsers, users of Internet Explorer may still enjoy its functionalities. However, because it is mainly based on Internet Explorer, it is subject to similar vulnerabilities in terms of security. It provides protection to users against malware and pop-ups but not for phishing applications.

5. GreenBrowser

If you are on the sustainable movement, then this browser and pop-up blocker is for you. Being green means it occupies the least space in your system, but because of that, it does not have its own rendering engine. GreenBrowser is Chinese made and so is Maxthon, that’s why they have a lot of similarities. It gives you no trouble with whatever version of Internet Explorer you are using, as it is built to be versatile on the IE platform. Don’t belittle the small download though as it doesn’t lack in security features.

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  • Smart1 July 5, 2013, 8:19 am

    Maxthon is trash at blocking popups. Firefox (open source, free and NOT part of prism like chrome) with the addon Adblock Plus is the only way to go. You can extend that feature with Adblock Plus Pop Up Addon.

  • Slobodan February 19, 2014, 8:05 pm

    My FF could not stop popups – not even with ABP + popup addon, greasemonkey + popup blocking script AND NoScript!
    Only Opera can block ALL popups.
    Mozilla disappointed me.

  • bobbypower June 17, 2014, 10:11 am

    good to knpow these things i want the best in [popups

  • kim December 9, 2015, 12:40 am

    panicware is best but only 32 bit….