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Top 5 Best Free PDF to Word Converter Software for Windows

Everybody needs to convert a PDF document at some stage. Maybe you have had some menus crated for your restaurant and they needed to be edited, but they came in an unchangeable PDF format. There are many examples where you would need to reverse a PDF into an editable format. PDF to Word converter software is extremely useful as it allows you to edit and re-master PDF documents. Sometimes, a PDF does not look right and it has to be re-aligned to fit properly. A PDF to Word converter gives you easy access to that very feature, and many more. There are a lot of choices out there including several free online pdf to word converters, but in this article we’ll focus on free tools which can be installed on your Windows system to convert PDF to word document.

1. Free PDF to Word

Easy to use and very powerful, Free PDF to Word can convert encrypted PDF files, allowing for easy transfer of important documents which need protection. You can also convert multiple documents at once, and there is no change to the original layout of your PDF – everything is as it was. You can even target specific pages or parts of a page for conversion, making it extremely easy to use. However, you do have to adjust the format ever so slightly.

2. Free PDF to Word Doc Converter

Free PDF to Word Doc Converter from HelloPDF gives you a cost-effective and easy way to convert your PDF files into a Word format. Free and extremely easy to open and use – straight from your desktop. It can take full pages or specific parts of the page, and keeps the exact layout of the original layout. You also do not need Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat to use this! However, it cannot convert files with password protection, and from time to time images may drop in quality ever so slightly.

3. Smartsoft Free PDF to Word Doc Converter

Extremely easy to use with record conversion speed, this is perhaps our favourite of the software on show. It can convert PDF files to Word and a variety of image formats, you can also alternate how the file is output. It also features excellent support for the program, and the Pro version allows you to convert any document into a PDF. It allows data protection and an unconditional money back guarantee. The only downside is the lack of ability to convert multiple files at once, but the speed more than makes up for that.

4. Boxoft PDF to Word

A 100% freeware PDF to Word converter, Boxoft has produced another quality tool. It allows conversion of PDF to Microsoft Word, and has the option for multiple covnersions at once. It preserves the exact formatting of the PDF, allowing for easy and quick editing of the PDF. Like all Boxoft products, it offers you a cost-effective way to do some of the long-hours business work yourself. The only downside is it can struggle slightly with special characters that do not come on an English keyboard.

5. Uni PDF

UniPDF is extremely powerful standalone software, which can convert PDF documents into Microsoft documents, and many other image, HTML or plain text formats. It completely preserves the original copy of your PDF document, allowing for seamless transitions of any updates you have to make to the original PDF document. It supports a vast majority of languages, including Chinese and Arabic, as well as most European common languages. One of the most powerful free PDF to Word software available. It is the largest download file, though, so make sure you give yourself some time to download the software.

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