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Nero Kwik Media Review (Free CD/DVD Player/Burner) for Windows 7

Nero Kwik Media is a freeware application by Nero company which can burn and copy all your music , videos or data to a CD, DVD or a blu-ray disc. It is quick, easy and customizable. It can find out videos and photos on your PC, mobile devices or other external hard drives and then synchronize them into a smart and easy to use media library, so that you can easy play music or movies of your choice or watch your photographs with it. You can also extend this application with your favorite apps and create slide shows etc. So all in all Nero Kwik Media is a free and light media manager which manages i.e organize, edit and share your media files and data.

What is new in this Version?

  • Various changes and bug fixes are done in this version.
  • Some new features are added like photo product creation is now possible, sharing videos at Facebook accounts is possible, importing, browsing and transferring data to portable devices is possible.

1. Organization of Media Files

Nero Kwik Media will browse for content related to it and organizes photos, music and video at one place. It will create playlists, beautifully organized media library to make browsing easier for you. You can even move that content from your computer or mobile devices. Also, it can synchronize all you media content from your PC to any mobile device with the help of a USB device. If you want more, it has integrated app store from where you can buy apps of your choice and need and extend this application to best of its use. It also organizes the photos of friends and family by faces.

2. Burn Audio CDs, DVDs, Play and Rip Music

Burn audio CDs from MP3 an create a CD mix from your favorite playlist with simple steps. Just activate the burning functions, insert a blank CD or DVD and then click on “burn a data disc” option. Now locate the file or folder which you want to burn and click on “add” button and add all the data. Now click on “burn” button and wait till the process finishes and then click “ok”. This is how, your CD will be burned. You can also play back music of your choice and even rip a CD to add to your computer.

3. Playback Blu-Ray Movies

Nero Kwik can play blu-ray movies. Blu-ray movies are the ones which are available in blu-ray format. Blu-ray disc is a latest optical disc format technology which has five times the storage capacity than normal traditional DVDs and can hold up to 25GB data on a single layer disc and 50GB data on dual layer disc. This advanced technology offers the ultimate HD experience to the users.

4. Create Slideshows, Photo Products and Playlists

You can create professional slideshows from the library and add effects to it. Similarly you can always create your favorite playlists. You can create photo products like greeting cards, calendar, instant or custom photobook etc. You can also add different animated themes to your slideshows to make it look peppier or professional.

5. Editing and Sharing

With Nero Kwik Media, you can edit and share pictures. This program has all the basic editing tools with which you can enhance your picture and then share it on social networking sites. You can also upload your music and video to Facebook or other social media websites with Nero Kwik.

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