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How to use DAP Download Accelerator Plus for Videos MP3 Downloads

Download Accelerator Plus is a freeware download manager which boosts your downloading speed extensively. It is probably the fastest download manager among the free ones. This program basically breaks the files into multiple parts and simultaneously download it from multiple sources seeking out the fastest mirrors and then finally connecting those broken pieces. This also has additional features like Video Downloader and Converter to convert video from various formats.

Unlike any other download manager, it is actually hard to classify DAP 10 under any category of software. Fact is while its core remains truly with downloads, it is a versatile platform that enables the user to do a multitude of things. For instance, it can access FTP servers, browse the net, check and procure mirror sites, convert video to mp3, preview during downloads and much more.

The DAP Core Features

Downloading from the internet isn’t only about a single site neither is it dependent on the server speeds. Download Accelerator Plus unleashes all the variables responsible for a quick and efficient download by providing the user access to premium speeds with a username and password for specific sites, automatically monitoring possible mirror sources and enabling mid-download switching between them and the ability to pause and resume downloads at any time. Also, a small preview button at the bottom allows users to take a sneak peak at the file even before it has completed downloading.`

DAP recognizes the widest range of websites for video streaming and downloading. In fact, with an integrated browser you can stream live HD videos or download and convert them in one go.

DAP Add-ons

Advanced Download Options

Other than setting download speeds, mirror site choice and such DAP also provides users with various download options. For instance you can choose to run a virus scan on any download you are performing (it uses your pre-installed antivirus of choice).

DAP Advanced Settings

It even allows pre-emptive link checking before downloading anything at all. Why waste your time and money downloading a potentially dangerous or empty file when with DAP you can check the link and files beforehand?

DAP DAPsters

You even get the opportunity to directly rip mp3 from online videos or YouTube. Like the song you are listening to but don’t want the video? Let Download Accelerator Plus rip the music right out of the video on your behalf. And if you have a video but want to extract a portion of the music then run it through the video to mp3 converter integrated into the DAP interface.

DAP Video to MP3

Other Features

Some of the other free features of Download Accelerator Plus include FTP downloads from a website to extract all files and folders on the site, DAPsters Manager that monitors many sites for possible downloads and helps you search for your files better, a download history to let you know what you have downloaded and when. Best of all, the interface is rather sleek and intuitive with hardly any problem areas. Getting used to it is a matter of practice and with limited buttons, you really won’t have to refer to the instructions more than once.

DAP Download Preference

Finally, for developers DAP 10 provides the ability to improve its usability through add-on enhancements. Not many download managers come with this capability of truly customizing the interface and its capabilities.

DAP Download Video

The Premium Offerings

Premium members or rather paying members get access to the fastest download speeds, a file shredder, a zip previewer and a trace cleaner. But wait, try out the free edition first and then decide if you need the premium features. In our opinion the freebies are worth a lot more while the premium features are more of an add-on over the core benefits offered by Download Accelerator Plus.