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Top 5 Best Free Chrome Bookmark Manager Extensions

For an average user, bookmarking is simple using the default system of Chrome but for those who either have plenty of sites to bookmark or want something more powerful, it is only a matter of time before they end up feeling overwhelmed or underpowered by the default system. This is when add-ons to Chrome’s browser come handy in managing bookmarks and organizing them. An added advantage of having such a software is that it lets you recover data when changing systems, because of data loss or any other reason. Here are the top 5 Chrome Bookmark Manager add-ons.

1. Incredible StartPage

Incredible Startpage is a fully customizable and new start page add-on for Chrome that lets you quickly locate all your favorite bookmarks and closed tabs on the start page. Enjoy the beautiful frame it provides with a packed set of features and rearrange app order, view apps, most visited sites and many bookmarks. It also provides quick access buttons for Google Calender, Gmail, notepad and many other apps inherent in the Chrome system.

2. Save my Tabs

Now save every tab at once using the Save My Tabs extension. All open tabs in Chrome can be added together simply by selecting the tab/tabs and choosing the directory to save into or creating a new one. It copies all data to a clipboard letting you paste multiple links at once and send via message, email or more. Another function of Save My Tabs is the ability to open more than one tab at once from its stored list of URLs with a right click.

3. Neat Bookmarks

For those who hate spending their valuable screen space trying to manage a bookmark toolbar, the Neat Bookmarks add-on helps in maintaining quick access while reducing the real estate taken up. An excellent feature of this add-on is its ability to organize everything by folders and providing quick access through a single button. The interface lets you see all your saved bookmarks and arrange them as favorites. Just type into the search bookmarks bar and find your own bookmarks without even browsing the data.

4. Read Later Fast

Do you like reading pages, storing data and revisiting them on the go? Read Later Fast is a Chrome add-on that lets you save many tabs at once without cluttering the bookmark folders with temporary links. It stores page clicks in its temporary memory and lets you read stuff later from the archived versions while you are offline. Read as clean text or in a slideshow and do it quick without burdening the browser by trying to retrieve data once again.

5. Pearltrees

Lauded by Forbes as a wonderful navigational app, Pearltrees is a free application designed to share, organize and collect all your interests in a single place. With a visually splendid experience, you can find anything offline, discover amazing stuffs related to your passions and interests while storing stuff in a bookmark manner. Consider it to be a digital pocket library for your Android phone. An add-on for Chrome lets you do the same on a PC.

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  • Sarah Moore November 12, 2013, 2:06 am

    I like SaveMyTabs, have it installed on my torch browser. Helps with keeping things together and yet, separate.